Ferragamo Beky/Double Gancio Large Tote

  1. Hello!

    Does anyone own this tote? I have been thinking about it as a work tote. I am a professor and need to be able to carry notebooks and folders. I think it will fit but you can never be too sure! I would love your feedback!


    I will be buying re-loved- so it may take a while before I can find one on my budget. I am also considering the Nolita from a few seasons ago. Thanks so much!
  2. Pretty! So classy. While get many years of use.
  3. From the stock photos, it looks like the two open slots may not fit a laptop. Tablets and ultra-thin laptop may fit. The zipped central compartment should accommodate a 13" laptop.
  4. Thank you!
  5. Thanks!
  6. It is lovely, but I think you may need something another 2 inches wider for work use. Ferragamo has a large tote on their website that is 14.5 inches wide. Can you get to a Ferragamo boutique and try some tote styles for fit?
  7. Hi! I don't have a boutique near by but I did check some out (including this one) when I was near a boutique last summer. My sales associate told me his wife is a teacher and she uses this bag, so I thought it would work.

    I actually wound up getting this bag last week! I really do love it and the sizing works!

    Here's a video that shows my review and what fits inside. I hope it is helpful to someone!
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  8. Very pretty bag!
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  9. This is awsome, thank you!
  10. Of course! Let me know if I can answer any questions :smile:
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