Fendi Zucchino Nero

I bought this bag at Saks for around $480.00. I thought it was a great price because it was discounted. I ususally don't carry Fendi bags and am now suffering buyers' remorse. I did a google search and found the same bag selling for between $180 -$280, now I am thinking about returning it. Fendi has never really appealled to me. I bought it because of the price and I thought it looked nice on my shoulder when I tried it on at the store. Any suggestions? Any Fendi lovers out there?
Feb 1, 2006
If you still can return it!
That's a great simple bag, but it's not worth $480. That bag is from a couple of season ago. They no longer carry it at Fendi boutiques.
You can get it online for much less. I've seen it as low as $99 while still being authentic.