fendi spys on sale @ saks

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  1. fendi spy bags including wisteria spy bag on sale at saks.com
  2. Too bad I can't afford to buy any spy right now. =(
  3. was the chocolate spy bag on sale? i doubt so though.
  4. Oooh, that's not a bad sale price for that beaded one ($1,836.00 down from $4,590.00). I wish I could afford it right now. :sad:
  5. These are really good prices for spys its a shame they do not have the Honey Wisteria
  6. I Want The Beaded One! **** I Wish I Had Mney!! **** **** ****
  7. The Beaded one is lovely and such a good price
  8. The beaded one is a steal! Get a saks card and charge!!
  9. Boy, awesome sale prices!! I just ordered the embroidered spy. The lace b-bag is also a great deal.
  10. I hate living in the UK - you people are sooooo lucky! away to sob into my Scottish cup of tea!!!
  11. I think they post to the UK but by the time you pay customs you will not be saving a lot unless you got the beaded spy
  12. Saich2 I like the beaded SPY as well but even though its reduced by the time I add on customs it could be me a couple! How is your Spy coming along then? Was it the chocolate you bought? Considering getting rid of my choco as well. Did you ever get a petrol one back?
  13. No never got the one I sold back but bought another one also got a lovely cherry and the Chocolate arrived today really really bubbly leather to die for just waiting for Estile to send the receipt as she forgot to send it with bag, she is an awesome seller hand pick the bag and its just so lovely. The customs on that beaded bag would be about £200 so you would still be saving a lot. On the site this morning they had a Wisteria but it was in Taupe and also the Denim spy they must be selling out quick but at these prices they will be snapped up.
  14. Hi Saich

    YEs she is lovely - we both got our spys at exactly the same time at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh and becuase they were the 2007 models we really did get the pick of the crop. Enjoy your spy! Yeah really considering the beaded bag. Went in and checked and they are not even mentioning that they will ship to the UK - will keep on looking. You sound like the ultimate spy girl - good on you.
  15. OMG :wtf: too many drool worthy goodies r on sale :drool: go go girls