Fendi Spy with Wisteria Detail and B Bag

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  1. I spoke to a Fendi Rep in Hawaii who informed me that the Leather Spy with Wisteria detailing costs $11,690 and only 10 are being released to North America. I asked him which of the Fendi B bags is getting the most action on Fendi waiting lists and after calling a few major Fendi boutiques he called me back and informed me that the Camel leather with Black Patent B Buckles is the most popular. I asked him whether he thinks or has heard whether the B Bag or Spy will be the most powerful hitters in spring and he told me that though the B Bag is getting a lot of attention he thinks the spy will remain stronger. From another female rep he was told that the B bag is difficult to hold on the shoulder and in her words "pinched".

    Even more exclusive, is the limited crocodile line Spy, not in Asia or Europe. North America and Hawaii have only 6 per color, a total of 12 in Pink or Bordeaux. This bag sells for $23,640.00.

    He also mentioned the Villa Borghese SELLERIA crocodile square shopper that is very limited and sells for $20,000.00.

    Just some facts to share.

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  2. Wow!! Thanks for the info!:amazed: :nuts: . Good news for the spy bag owners!! And I am one of them. I love that Spy with Wisteria!! :love: :love: and the colour is so gorgeous! Dreaming..:shame: :P .
  3. sweet pea
    could you please help me you seem to know an awful lot about handdbags and i need some information fast about fendi honey spy bag
    please help
  4. Well, thanks no.1chiken.:shame: I am sure there are many ladies in this forum are expert on many bags and way better then me and they will be glad to help you if they can. So what kind of information do you need on the spy bag? If I may help or can help you..
  5. I love that wisteria!!!! Gorgeous! Thanks for the info.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to share this info with us!
  7. Well, I hope you are wrong about the price because my honey Wisteria is apparantly arriving in Feb. My SA said it was in the $3000. range, not $11,000. range :huh:
  8. Artof Acquisition...Thanks for the info!!

    Love the Wisteria! I agree with star3777 that the price of the Wisteria should be within the$3000 range. Was in my local Fendi store viewing the Spys for the new season, and saw the price for both the Wisteria and the $11,000 price range Spy. This was for the ornately embroidered one with velvet ribbons. It looked like the white leather handpainted one but in fabric and had a luxurious amount of embroidery.

    star3777...So excited for your Wisteria spy! Please do let us know when you receive it. This may be my Spy for this season and also my 1st Spy :smile:
  9. Oh, I will!;)
  10. Hi my name is sharon.Thank for letting me join your group.If anyone has information or pictures on the fendi honey spy could they post them please
  11. Hey, Sharon. I'm actually new to the forum, but I just got a honey spy as a late christmas present. Here are the pics for my bag, hope this helps!!!

  12. super_party
    thank you ever so much for your beautiful pictures i really appreciate them.Your bag is so gorgeous i could eat it up I have decided to purchase the honey spy bag
    many thanks shar
  13. Eluxury has the B Bag and a jean spy on their site now.

    Super-party that is a gorgous bag; great pics!!:love:
  14. Wow.. looking at that spy just gives me (as Fayden describes in another thread) the shivers ! ;)
  15. What size is your bag? It is beautiful :love: Does the spy come in different sizes?