Fendi Spy @ Sam's Club

  1. A couple days ago I was at Sam's Club w/my parents. I was browsing the jewelry and hangbag section. I saw the Fendi Spy for $1,600. It wasn't all leather.....the leather was dark brown w/Dark Brown Fendi logo. I was so tempted, but I didn't because of the whole Fendi/Wal-Mart case. Do you think it's true? Do you really think Sam sells fake? I mean, I've seen $20,000 diamond engagement rings in the showcase.
  2. Well, Fendi certainly seems to think so. Enough so, to sue Wal-Mart and Sam's Club for selling fakes.
  3. I saw an all-leather Spy (stored inside glass case) at a local Sam's Club for more than $2100USD a few months ago. Though Fendi sued Sam's/Walmart for selling fakes, we will have to wait for the final ruling to be certain.
  4. Can't wait to hear the outcome of this. Does anyone have any updates? I googled it last week and no new updates were available...
  5. My soon to be mother in law showed me a burberry bag she purchased at Sam's 1 month ago. I'm not familar w/Burberry so I couldn't tell whether it was fake for not. Plus I figured it was real since it's from Sam's. But after hearing it on the news......I didn't know what to think. I told my boyfriend about it but I couldn't tell his mom. I would feel bad.
  6. They had some Prada's and Kate Spades at our Sam's in a glass case. It made me wonder. Does anyone know if they are known fakes?
  7. It would be hard to tell if we don't have pictures. One thing we discussed in a previous thread is the top of fake spy bags tend to have seams that are stitched improperly, particularly on the top flap. I would compare the stitching to a known quality spy bag. Also, the quality and texture of the leather. I learned the hard way. I have saved pics of correct spy bags on my computer so if I come across one I am looking for, I can be more sure.
  8. I don't know if it's true or not, but I would not take the chance.
  9. exactly!!! Only buy from a reputable store, I get most of my spies from Barneys since I dont really like Fendi's costumer service honestly! :huh:
  10. I haven't seen any Spy bags at Sam's, but the Fendi bags I did see were of such poor quality I believe they were fake. I thought that before the lawsuit even got under way because something just was not quite right about the whole situation.