Fendi Spy on Saks.com

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  1. Hi Spy Bag lovers,

    Just thought I'd give you all the heads-up that Saks.com has 4 different Spy bags on their site (denim, mink, velvet squirrel and leather). Also, I got an email from them saying if you purchase stuff tomorrow (Thurs.) you get a Saks gift card (amounts vary based on how much you spend).

    (Vlad, I don't think this is a Deal & Steals thread since their still over $2000:biggrin: Right?)
  2. :biggrin: Thanks for the tip! Is this the one you can get 10% off too, through SHOPFEB?
  3. You can only use one promotional code per order.

    If you spend $2000, you'd get back $300, that's more than the 10% off code.

    Does anyone know where I can buy a smaller version of the current Spy? I just saw a girl carrying one at lunch and it looks much prettier than the regular size they are selling on Saks.com
  4. Are you talking about the spy satchel ($1300 USD) that's meant for hand-held? If so, the Fendi store in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California have a few spy satchels last weekend. I think they have the cognac, white and petrol ones left.

    Their phone # is (714) 751-1111 and ask for Jesse James (asst manager). He was sooooooo nice, sweet and charming to me the last time I was there. He almost made me buy a petrol one. :lol:

    And I heard from the others that the Fendi stores in Vegas might have a few left.
  5. This one looks axactly like the one showing on saks.com just in a smaller version.

    And the satchel is the one with the zipper, am I right?
  6. Really? I didn't know they have a smaller version of the spy if it's not the satchel you're talking about. The satchel is the one that looks like a ball with a huge zipper.
  7. Yes...it's the same style as the "regular" Spy. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
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