fendi spy - in or out?

  1. hi ladies, just want to get a quick opinion on the spy bags.
    what's the difference in size between the large and small spy bag? and is it still popular now? I remembered that it was really in 2 years ago, an IT bag. How about now??
    Saw a lovely white one on Net a porter.... looks gorgeous though. thinking if i should get it now since i afford it now compared to 2 years ago
  2. do you want the dimensions of the regular spy bag vs. the baby spy or the regular size vs. the large that was done the first season? I know they are here in the threads somewhere.if you love it, it is in, kwim?I think the spy is a classic
  3. The white one on Nap is lovely, they also have the LE beaded brown one and I think the Rust. Have you ever seen a spy IRL? if not you should before you decide to get one, I ask because you do not know how big a normal spy is.

    The spy bag is a classic bag, so it does not go out of fashion, not that should matter really if you love the bag. Spies will be round for many years yet.....thank goodness......think I would have a nervous breakdown if they stop making them....lol
  4. I think the spy is a must have bag for any bag lover, it's a classic! It's nice to have a variety of sizes, colors in a bag collection. I think it's also an original style which will be around for a long time.
  5. Like the previous posters, ITA that the spy has become a classic! The spy is no longer an 'in' or 'out' bag ... it's one of the staple classic bags that every Fendi collector or bag addict should have in their closet.
  6. The spy feels and is wonderful. It will get a lot of complements & it will become an addiction (beware!). Because it isn't the same yadayadayada "it" bag, it is more special and independently attractive IMO. :tup:
  7. I think everyone should have a Spy in her handbag collection! Once you get one, Bet you cant have just one!
  8. Seen a couple before. feels really light to me. i was reading through the forum and found the dimensions of the bag. i guess the ones i have seen are the regular ones as the big ones are no longer being made. As i am in Melb AUS, there's no fendi boutiques around so am looking online. unfortunately the TDF white one is sold on NAP when i went back on this morning. i guess i just have to keep a lookout for one i like
  9. I agree that the Spy is really a classic, it is also a practical bag! I love the Spy!
  10. I always wonder about this question. No matter what happens I will always love my Fortuny/Hologram Spy, I also have the Cognac and a beaded one.
    A lot of people think baguettes are out, I still use mine. I guess it just depends on fashion and how much of an individualist you are. I think Fendi is kind of a designer for individualists though. That is what makes their bags so unique.

  11. I completely and totally agree!

    I never loved the spy for whatever reason until a year or so ago. (I think it was this forum that did me in.) I got my first one and absolutely fell in love with the shape, size, overall quality, and how easy it is to carry. Not to mention how versatile! Many spy bags later, it's one of my favorite bags of all time and I suspect it always will be.

    Oddly, I don't love the baby spy. I think it looks great on other people, but it's just not me.

    Along these same lines, about whether or not a bag is still in....Everyone says the Chloe paddington is totally "out" and maybe it is....but I love my paddies and continue to wear them, trends be darned.:p And the cool thing is, I can acquire more for super prices because people are backing away from them now. How great is that?! :nuts:I think there's something very cool about wearing last year's bag (or 1999's bag, for that matter!) if you love it.:yes:
  12. I agree that Fendi is a designer for individualists. Most of their purses are not "conventional" in their style and I know many people that balk at some of the designs (including myself!) but the Spy is a classic Fendi, so you're looking for a great bag or looking specifically at Fendi, it is a must have.
  13. classic bag for sure!
  14. ohh... i am definite fan of the baguette. in fact, the first branded i bought myself from a Fendi sale was a black wool baguette from 2000 and still loving it. ever the classic look. i think a baguette is a MUST have in a bag collection! by the way, i am eyeing this wisteria spy on eBay at the moment. any comments on that?
  15. i do have a paddington but it weighs too much to be carrying out the whole day. have half a mind to sell if but since it's the first bag my boyfriend got me, decided to keep it though the leather's so luscious.... but still too heavy for me.