fendi spy handles--uncomfortable?

  1. I have this question lurking in my mind for such a long time. i have held and tried on a spy bag already but the handle length is really disturbing me..........ok its not as uncomfortable as the LV vernis houston bec the spy has a softer body and handle.

    for all of you who has the spy bag, pls. share your experiences with the fendi spy handle...sorry of i'm not making any sense here but with 3 kids its so hard if a bag cant be shoulder carried properly :biggrin:
  2. Only my Large Spy fits over my shoulders! I could never wear my Medium size ones over my huge shoulder - lol!
  3. Well, I never thought about it. I have tortuga handles on both of mine. The leather is pretty soft. Sometimes dangerously so on the body of the bag. I would think you could damage it easily if you aren't careful.
    Also, there is enough drop that I can even put it on my shoulder. The squirrel bags have velvet handles, but then I don't know anyone that actually owns one-too trendy and expensive. I looked at one at Macy's. It is very soft, loved it.
  4. Not the most comfy of all bags, but that would not stop me!:lol: I simply adore my spys.
  5. hay sooo sad whats stopping me is the price :smile:
  6. The handles on mine are definately long enough to use as a shoulder bag, but the braided leather kinda does dig into my shoulder if I have a lot of stuff and am wearing something sleevless. But, I still love it!!!
  7. I think the handles are big enough to throw a bag over your shoulder for a few minutes if you need to, but not to use it as a shoulder bag ALL the time.
  8. Yeah, i think the handles are long enough to throw over your shoulder for a bit.
    I did notice though, that when i carry it in the crook of my elbow with short sleeves, i get "braid arm" lol. :blink:
  9. I do carry it as a shoulder bag...it does get uncomfortable after a while though...
  10. O this is distressing to read....I really thought the spies were shoulder bags.....:sad:
  11. Don't get me wrong, you CAN wear it on your shoulder and I do (more often than I thought I would:lol:):
  12. LV is that a medium or large?
  13. It's a medium, gloss_gal.:flowers: