Fendi Small B Bag on Saks.com

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  1. Thanks for the link! That's the first place I've seen selling these. It's a bit (ok, a lot!) ornate for my taste as well, though... Maybe its all those little flowers?
  2. Eh, I don't like it. I think the buckle is too big for the bag. I wonder how much the ones with the double buckle will be going for?
  3. It looks like something you'd have surgically removed...............:blink:
  4. I don't know why but it it reminds me of a chastity belt or something.
  5. Not a fan of that bag. I like the double buckle bags too, especially the tan and black. And I think color combo has a lot to do with appeal, in my case anyway.
  6. buy this bag or, in order to save time, simply burn your money.
  7. YUCK!!! I don't like it either; it looks sick.
  8. Wow.. the buckle is huge, and there's so much detailing on it as well so you can't help but look. I'm not sure if I'm really feeling that.
  9. Don't like that one. The cleaner looking ones are better looking
  10. wow, that's ugly! yikes...
  11. This one is a pass for me too. Too much going on.
  12. What statement is that bag supposed to be making?:sick:
  13. I really dont like that...even worse than the spy clutch IMO>