Fendi Selleria Tote @ bluefly, what do you think?

  1. Hello everyone,

    Glad I found this site. Shallow obsessing really is fun.

    I have been looking at the Fendi Selleria line for a while now, despite some of the negative things I hear from time to time. I just love big, simply styled bags with good leather (hence my loveaffiar with Tod's) Fendi usually doesn't fit into that category, but their Selleria tote really caught my eye.

    Here's the link to the bag on bluefly.com:
    Bluefly - Product Details - #2048348 - Fendi brown 'Roman' leather large 'Print Selleria' bag

    What do you think, yes or no?
  2. I'll move this to our Fendi Forum for you ;)
  3. Im a sucker for Selleria..LOVES IT!
  4. Yes, unfortunately I do too.

    The gripe I have is 20% off is not that much of a discount and I know that Saks and NMs have better sales. However, I have never seen that bag in that color at either place. I have seen the light-colored version (called butter I think) but that I didn't like as much.
  5. Look in DEALS AND STEALS section..They have bluefly codes that give you additional discounts..
  6. It's cute!
  7. OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!!:nuts: Are you getting it?!:graucho:
  8. Yes, I just ordered it! :yes: I hope the leather will be as gorgeous in person!
  9. Selleria leather is the nicest that Fendi has. It has that grainy leather and is all hand stitched. This is the best quality that you can get from Fendi. I have a salmon colored hobo in selleria and I LOVE it!:heart:
  10. Aww.. this is so cute, I can't wait until you get it - remember tPF and lots of photos ! :graucho:
  11. I just read a ton of bluefly selling fake B-bags over at the Balenciaga forum and now I am REALLY worried.

    Can anyone help me out with authenticating?
  12. I have the exact same one...Let's just say it has turned heads.
    It looks pretty much authentic with the hand stitching and the leather texture. The leather smell is just intoxicating and I heard that this bag each have an individual serial number for it and the tag on the dust bag is an engrave silver rather then the usual fendi yellow word.
  13. its very nice! i am glad you ordered it and I do have the Fendi selleria tote in beige/ yellowy color, the label is with a silverplate too and other 3 selleria too...hope you can spot it in the picture :flowers:

    beige/yellowy tote way at the back
    black selleria handbag
    emerald green mama baguette selleria (back of the turquoise)
    turquoise mama baguette selleria
    Bag Collection 001.jpg