Fendi poncho

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  1. what do you guys think about this poncho? I’m on the fence because of the price, but every time I see it, I just love it......

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  2. gucci girl">
    I don't think the price is that expensive compared to similar items from other brands. If you purchased it, I bet you would use it a lot as it is a versatile piece. Fendi is also good quality.

    However, it's just too many logos for my taste (walking billboard vibe!). :biggrin:
  3. Oh I love it! I think that’s gorgeous. I agree with fabuleux. I think you’ll probably get good use out of it and the quality of Fendi is incredible. The price seems justifiable if you’re going to use it :smile:
  4. Completely agree, I am on the fence because I started to think about paying over $1000 for a poncho . I can justify a bag because I may wear it often. Yet everytime I look at it , it’s calling my name!
  5. gucci girl">
    Maybe get it and try it... and if you don't love it, simply return it.
  6. I got mine from London a few weeks ago and LOVE IT! Super soft, warm even with a light t-shirt on underneath (I wore it in the middle of March in Canada!), attracts a lot of compliments and a major statement piece. It also matches with the LV Reverse Pochette Metis almost perfectly! It's expensive but the quality speaks for itself and it's one of my favourite Fendi purchases!
  7. Ironically I just bought this poncho in Barcelona. I’m a sucker for a cape and have several Burberry capes that were around the same price. Although it’s a lot of logo it somehow feels more like a graphic design to me. I wear a lot of black in the winter and I think it will look great.

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  8. I just bought this poncho, I wasn’t able to try it before purchasing because it’s always sold out. I was hoping not to like it when I received it.... but OMG, it’s amazing. It’s heavy and soft, the quality is amazing. I think the price point is great, even more so when you see it in person. It’s also reversible so that there is no red stripe at the bottom, and only black/caramel. There are designer scarves that cost almost just as much as this poncho. I see it almost like a coat, so for a fendi coat, it’s amazing!