Fendi or J.Mendel?

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  1. Just curious... If you were to choose fur (please don't be mad if you are a PETA member) would you choose from Fendi or J.Mendel and why?
    I saw an incredibly luxurious chinchilla coat at Fendi in Florence this month at 42000 euro - Incredible piece but the thought of how many cute chinchillas went into making that coat and the pricce were... a bit too much.:P
  2. I would say Fendi and here is why: Fendi started their company making furs. That is what they do best. Plus Fendi has such a unique but classy style to everything that they do including their furs. And there is a certain prestige that comes with Fendi. J.Mendel makes great pieces, but I would say Fendi. Plus, I'm sorry to all the people to hate furs, but I have a sheared mink from Fendi and it is to die for in my opinion.
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    I would say Fendi too unless you want mink then J Mendel are the best. I once tried on a chinchilla coat in Dubai at a furriers and it was $60,000. I think it is the most expensaive fur there is apart from russian sable. If I had the money I would have bought it but £60,000 was just too much for me. It is the sort of coat you would just never lose that love for each time you wore it but then a flashback to reality kicks in and I can't pay $60,000 for a coat. On the point I really liked the Fendi chinchilla that Madonnna wore last year


    pic credit www.catwalkqueen.tv

    I think mendel have the best reputation for mink though but in reality whichever one you choose from either company will be quality.