Fendi Messenger Bag-For a man???

  1. Hey everyone,

    I found this black Fendi messenger on jomashop. I think it a great deal and I love the look. I would like to know though if it is unisex. I have seen a few mens Fendi messengers before but not like this. I've done a search on here to find any info on mens Fendi items, but couldn't find anything. From what I've gathered not many men are carrying Fendi around. Just looking for some opinions.


  2. To me, if anything this leans more toward being a manly bag, on the unisex spectrum.
  3. I think it looks unisex, or even more on the masculine side.
  4. ^^^ I agree... This is definitely unisex. It reminds me of a laptop/briefcase type bag.
  5. Thanks everyone for your help, I ended up not getting the bag, I'm trying to save up for something else