Fendi Lizard B bag w/ turq. relisted

  1. gorgeous bag. she had in on a while back and it didn't sell. she didn't lower the price any though :blink:
  2. Yeah, I would get it for $1000+ less from bobellisshoes.com!
  3. you told me that already didn't you lol!:wacko: oh well I just like to look! I did go to that site before they had it for 3990. The worst thing about eBay for me is I have a paypal credit account and it is soooo easy just to put things on there
  4. It's a really cute bag. I love the contrast. But it really is pricey. Why don't you consider the "interest-free no payment till 2007" scheme with paypal right now? I mean, if that's part of the equation.
  5. Nice color!