Fendi linens from Neiman Marcus

  1. Was browsing and found these on the Neiman Marcus' site.

    What'dya think? I like them.
  2. Tacky in my humble opinion...
  3. You definately have to like logos in this case. ;) :P
  4. lol Yeah! Well, good if you love Fendi. You'll have sweet Fendi dreams all night! lol Last thing you see when you go to bed, first thing when you wake up, that FF!
  5. I don't know, what's the thread count?
    I judge by that first! LOL!

    Those are a little ghetto-fabulous though.
  6. Me too!

    300 thread ct.
  7. Not enough! LOL!
    I'd rather go to Peacock Alley!
  8. Cool, but I think I'd get tired of lookinga them every day.
  9. :lol: cool.
  10. eww pretty,...:nuts:
  11. How tacky!!!
  12. I can imagine them in a (misguided) bachelor's pad :P
  13. no thanks I'll pass on this one!
  14. That's a little too much logo for me ! (I bet they feel great though !)
  15. Whoa... too much...