Fendi handbag archive???

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  1. i've been searching the web for a website which had EVERY handpage Fendi every made.. and i just can not find it. also i was interested in buying one ( pictures below) but i can not find the style on ebay. the seller claims its about 5yrs old and is willing to go to nordstroms to authenticate. which does make me feel it is authentic if she is willing to put it to the test. but to the point.. does anyone know or can find a FENDI HANDBAG ARCHIVE? thanks

    if you need COACH authetication or LV advice i can help on the speed 25. =)

    thanks in advance

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  2. Does Nordstrom carry Fendi's? The one by me doesn't. Saks does though. Do the department stores authenticate bags? I mean department stores just hire qualified people for retail. The have so many bags that I can't see the sales person being an authority of any one type. (now cosmetics counter sales help is hired by the cosmetic company - that's why the Chanel person doesn't want to get the Laurder mascara you may want.)

    I'm very leary of Ebay. I'd try a good thrift shop first. Especially if it's expensive. I know the Loehmans by me carries Fendi and Bloomingdales carries some older Fendi's along with the brand new ones.
  3. well.. the person wants 75$ so its decent, i as thinking of 50 since it has wear on the bottom leather. but if she willing to take it to TRY to authenticate it then i feel good about the transaction..

    so.. fendi archive? anyone know where i can see all the bags fendi has produced?

    and how do i spot fakes?

    i noticed that the patterns is not aligned like coach and LV so i dont really know what to go by. any tips/