Fendi chef bag?

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  1. just need a small bag coz all my purses are the big ones since it's the trend. would a chef bag or bagguette be "in" or "out"?
  2. I think a bag is "IN" only when it serves YOUR needs. Why go for a bag that celebrities carry when it's not functional for you, especially when you are plonking huge amounts of money (00's or 000's) for them? If a chef or a baguette is what you need, that by all means go for it because it'll never go "out" as long as you need it. :p
  3. I agree with Pyrexia :yes: .

    Of course chef bags and baguettes aren't as trendy right now, but by no means are they out of style or anything. I say, get what you like and don't worry about the trends. I have a chef and a mini mamma baguette and I still use both all the time.
  4. Ohhhhhh, am I lovin' the chef bag! I think if you love something, you don't have to worry about trends because it will always look good to you! ;)
  5. The baguette really defines fendi bags so i don't think they are ever going to be "out". Fendi still makes them every season. They are timeless. As for the chef bag, though it doesn't have a history like the baguette, I absolutely love it. My sis in law collects chef bags and I collect baguettes. I personally think the chef bag holds it shape better and it is easier to get into.
  6. I think the Chef bag is adorable. classy and not frequently seen on the streets. The way it poofs out at the base is very clever and reminiscent of the spy bag.
  7. ITA!!
  8. The chef and the baguette are always in style b/c those are two bags that Fendi has made every season for God knows how long. They are always coming out with new styles in those two collections.
  9. Here is one of my favorite bags, (I do not own, but would LOVE to):

  10. I want a fendi chef bag, so I think it's an excellent choice. Question: Anyone know of any good websites with good prices and many fendi chef bags to choose from?
  11. The bag that thestarsgarb posted is TDF!