Fendi Bag De Jour - Is this a good buy?

  1. Hi,

    I've been eye-ing on this bag for a while, is this over priced or good bargain or too good to be true? I read styledrops.com can be over priced from this forum.

    Fendi handbags
  2. nay for me =(
  3. The bag looks kind of depressing
  4. I love the bag and I think that's a great price for an authentic Fendi! I just don't think you should wear it with the Zucca shoes they recommend. Too mucha zucca!
  5. I like the de jour style, but not in the zucca. I agree it looks depressing.
  6. I really like the style too.....but the one I saw is the black leather one
  7. I've seen this bag IRL. Personally, I like the design. The shape is great and it looks like it can fit quite a bit of stuff. I happen to like the zucca so I'd buy it if I wasn't so obsessed with the spy bag. If you like it, then certainly go for it. The price is ok.
  8. i hated this bag when i first saw it but i saw a girl wearing it and it looked fabulous! i kind of like it now it looks better on a person
  9. Love the shape...not the colour...
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