Fendi B-wallet???!!!love!!!!

  1. ok- I think I like the wallet better than the bbag!What do you think???!!
  2. I agree! I personally do not like the bag, not even a teeny bit, but the wallet is fine! I need a bigass wallet though, that one's too little for me!:lol:
  3. The wallet is adorable!
  4. That's cute, I like the smaller buckle. I'd like it more if it came in contrasting colors, like the bag.
  5. I agree that it's cute. But I worry about buckles on wallets -- they tend to get caught on things in my bag, or on the bag lining. It would be great, I agree with Cristina, in contrasting colours.
  6. I love the color and the texture of the leather! I am not so crazy about the big buckle tho..but that's what b- bag or wallet are all about I guess!
  7. LOVE the wallet! I ordered the bag in tan/black and also in red patent leather. I'm waiting for them to come in so that I can look them over and see if they're worth buying. At first, I was in love with the tan/black but now......not so sure......we'll see! But the wallet is ADORABLE! I may have to get the bag just to justify getting the wallet to go with it!:biggrin:
  8. Where did you find the wallet?
  9. too cute! other colors?
  10. Styledrops.com! I am this close to ordering it...STOP ME!
    Melisande had a good point though about the buckle catching things,didnt think of that!
  11. Yeah, but it's so cute, Jill. Cuteness makes up for a lot, in my books. I'd get it, but just be a little bit careful with watching for that.
  12. Its cute but I can swear I saw something like that at Anthropologie seasons ago.
  13. I adore all Fendi B-bags and things and feel like I constantly have to defend them. Supporters, help me out!
  14. Hey, Valley. I'll support you! I think the Fendi Bs are great.