Fendi B bag now available at ELuxury!

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  1. i was just checking out ELuxury and noticed they have the B bag for sale in medium and large. 1540 for the medium and 2000 for the large. i was pysched about getting one, but after seeing it in profile and when you're wearing it, i dunno anymore. what do you think?
  2. Maybe I'm the only one in this forum that thinks this way but they do nothing for me. I just looked on eluxury's website and saw the pic of the mannequin wearing it and it just not my taste. I think it would look great on other people, not just me. I'd rather spend my money on something that will get me through any outfit like the LV Manhattan that I'm torn about!:love:
  3. wow, did this bag ever disappear fast! :blink: i swear it was on there for like 10 minutes then was sold out. ok, for everyone that didn't get a chance to look, i'm attaching pictures i saved from ELuxury.

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  4. I know I was gonna say....
    The only B bag on there now is this ugly patent leather one, and the price is $1360
  5. ew, it's ugly. those buckles look like weird googly eyes with goo oozing out with horrendous bags. someone at fendi needs some sleep.... hahhaha! just my take on it.
  6. Guess that answers the question about this spring's 'it' bag. ;)
  7. Is that the medium size one? I think it looks pretty in that colour but i am not 100% convince that I like it :weird: .
  8. people just jump on it for the hype. i think it's a waste of money.
  9. I think I agree with you...there's a cartoon character that this bag resembles, I just can't put my finger on it right now. And ewww, that patent leather is ugly.
  10. that bag doesn't do anything for me either...
  11. Frankly, I do not get what the fuss is about on this bag. I think it's ugly esp for that price. But I guess it's a matter of taste.
  12. Highly disappointed. I am on the waiting list at Fendi... I may just take myself off. This is most likely not the next "it" bag. Looks like something for an old lady at a garage sale. The search continues...:amazed:
  13. :lol: :lol: Hilarious Fayden!!!
  14. not feelin' that bag
  15. I'm all about the Edith in whiskey all of a sudden...the Fendi one is kind of itneresting and unique but I don't think I will end up getting it. It could be like this heinous green vintage dress a bought a couple years back that I thouht was so "edgy" and cool - a couple months later I realized that it looked like a Home Ec project gone bad. The same may happen with this bag.