Fell in LOVE...

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  1. it's so pretty!
  2. i say if you like it get it..
    Who says you have to have somewhere to go to carry this bag...
    its to big to be considered an evening bag...
    a weekend back, a night out for dinner, hey even an everyday bag if thats your style.....
  3. It's lovely and roomie.
  4. OMG it is soooo pretty!!!! btw is that lily allen?


    and is it the same bag as this one?

    if it is, this starry night bag said to be costs 4650$ though :sad:
  5. ^^Even all the shimmer on that bag can't distract my eye from the ginormous run in her stocking.
  6. Yep... its Lily Allen and yes the bag is $4700... it is so DIVINE!!
  7. i knowww i love it too :smile:
    but the price is too "sky high" as the stars to me LOL

    here's from the runway :
  8. It's gorgeous... I like how you can reverse it. Are you getting it, Jenna? -you better, it seems like your want it -you really, really want it ;)
  9. Isn't it something - she is wearing $4,700 bag and has a run on her black stockings
  10. I DO! There is no way I can justify almost 5 grand on sequins! I wish though!
  11. LOL I thought it was a piece of thread hanging off her skirt:confused1:.

    Bag is lovely!
  12. wow! what a stuner!

    what's up with her stocking? ripped? hopefully she had an extra pair in her cc bag.
  13. Nice but not a practical bag~