Fell in love with the Kusama zippy! Are you Kusama Zippy owner happy with it?

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Which color would you recommend for the Kusama Zippy

  1. Blue

  2. Green

  3. Yellow

  4. Red

  5. White

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Oh man, I actually thought one item from the Kusama line is enough (I bought the yellow pumpkin cosmetic pouch). But today as I went to LV to check for the leopard stole for a friend, I fell in love with the Kusama zippy.

    Now I am undecisive: Should I buy one? I usually use smaller wallets (I use a Ludlow Dentelle in silver), but was always thinking about buying a longer wallet.

    Should I buy one Zippy? Are you Kusama Zippy Owners happy with your purchase? Why did you choose a particular color? How does it hold up with use and which color would you recommend?

    My usual style is either preppy or classic. Lots of white, grey, black and beige. Sometimes I like a bit of color, usually wearing either greenish or bluish things. My bags are more classic. I use my Céline Micro or LV Trevi PM often.

    Excited to hear your stories.
  2. Help?
  3. Get the red or blue!
  4. I have a red zippy and I love it. Have been using it since day one. Yesterday, told myself that I should change for the zippy compact since I am carrying my Trevi today, which is a smaller bag, and I couldn't do it. Love my red Kusama too much.
  5. I have the Red Zippy and I love it too - I like zip around wallets the best. It seems like I have so many cards to carry and its the best way to hold it all. I also love the yellow zippy and the white but they're so light that color transfer or dirt may be a prob.
  6. Yellow is the prettiest, red would be my second and green third choice
  7. I have the green and I love it. It's too new to say how it will hold up over time. But it's a great wallet. I loved the green because it was a great splash of color without being overwhelming. And it's not too light. White was definitely out out out for a wallet color. I liked the green or blue best but I had a blue cosmetic pouch so green it was.
  8. I have the green as well -- would have grabbed the blue if the store had had it, though, and would have purchased the white if I wasn't as likely to trash it as I am. :P I do find myself missing my Sarah (Sarah holds the excess cards I have in a much less bulkier fashion) but the Zippy is good too. I do think with wallets you should go with whichever colour jumps out at you the most -- wallets are pieces you can have a bit of fun with.
  9. I have the Green & Blue & also saw the White-I love them!!!
  10. I like the green one ..nice pop of colour:smile:
  11. Blue looks nice...

    But I don't know how wallets will hold up over time... hopefully they won't get chipping issues...
  12. i think the blue is the prettiest.
  13. Thank you all for your opinions and experiences! I made up my mind and think I have to get it!

    Ya, as I read in another thread (love this post! See below by Kelechi) - I went to get that lovely wallet and I am very happy about it!


    Here is my reveal: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/reveal-fallen-love-kusama-story-had-happy-end-776076.html