Fell in love with Meredith in Boston!

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  1. Guys, I was at the Boston collection store today and I saw the Meredith and I was so hooked:love:! Has anyone else seen it? It is so Frikin' cute! It's a shoulder bag and has a magnetic frame as well as quilting similar the Mika but no chain so its super light:heart:. It was very ME! But also so very similar to the Cecilia that I had to keep myself from getting too excited.

    I totally chatted up the SA too about the missing zipper on the PW ZC's. . . and the merlot color. . .and the Mikas in all those lovely colors.

    I felt bad going in knowing that I wasn't going to buy anything and distracting the SA, bit I got over it.

    Then I went downstairs and bought a really cute MbMJ sweater!
  2. ooh i was at the Copley Neimans today and saw something similiar to what you are describing. i thought it was the Mika at first but i read the tag and i think it said "soft pouch". the one i saw was yellow and the top magnetic frame part was black...i wonder if it's the same one you saw...it was verrry cute.
  3. i've never heard of the meredith. i can't find pictures online either. it was a part of the color block collection? i'm dying to see it now!
  4. ^^I haven't heard of the Meredith either. Now I'm very curious too!
  5. Would love to see a pic. I am trying to visualize it. Sounds nice.
  6. The SA said it wasn't online. I wish I could have taken a pic. I was hoping somone else might have. The design makes it looks like it should be part of the color block line but I only saw it in black.
  7. BUMP ~ resurrecting an OLD thread. What do we think about this bag? Does anyone here own it? What was the retail on this?

    Anyway, here are some pics:



    IMG_0920.jpg IMG_0921.jpg IMG_0922.jpg
  8. I just can tell that strap is comfy, it's the same as on the party clutch
  9. Xi, I still really like this bag. Its way cuter IRL than in the pics, and I'm a fan of the fabric strap. I want to say that the retail was $1200. I remember that I was sooo close to pulling out my CC and charging it when I was in Boston, but I had JUST gotten my black Cecilia so was able to restrain myself and just buy a sweater. Oh man, and that was when I tried on the large olive MP, and didn't buy it! What an idiot I am:Push:.
    Sorry, I digress, the Meridith is a super cutie!
  10. I have this bag in the pink fluo, and I love it. The strap is comfortable, but I switch off and use my a black leather RM strap with trigger closures for a change. Also, I plan to get a long gold chain to use to dress it up. I love how versatile the Meredith is!
  11. Oh yeah, you could totally switch out the strap too! A black stam chain would work:tup:
  12. yes, thats an excellent idea jacy! love this little bag, its really a keeper
  13. Wow, great feedback, ladies. I feel like I need this bag now...

    Is it magnetic closure only and no zipper?
  14. ^yup
  15. I was hoping you'd say no and that I would totally hate that there's a zipper. The bordeaux accent on the straps are pretty too.

    Do you regret not getting it, Space?