Felicia owners, pls help w/ stain!!

  1. So my new stupid pair of jeans from the Limited stained my Felicia. I'm on vacation right now and I cant remember what the care card said about rather or not being able to use the cleanser. I wont be home until tomorrow night and I cant remember where I put my care card. It is driving me crazy trying to remember if I can use the cleanser or not. Thanks for the help!

    side note...I just realized I signed in as Daydrmer28 instead of Daydrmer Oops..
  2. It's a bleecker, so I'm pretty sure you can use cleanser. I know I used the appleguard leather care on mine yesterday.
  3. The care card says you are NOT supposed to use the cleaner on Bleecker leather, only conditioner.

    Maybe try babywipes first, or Apple care - it is a gentle conditioner but the bottle says it cleans and protects as well.

    Good luck!
  4. I have been reading up on this and you should not use baby wipes on leather, it can ruin the finish of the leather due to being so alkaline! Use a conditioner that is free from silicones and oils :tup:
  5. Good to know, I just got my magenta bleecker duffle and I already conditioned it. I didn't know you shouldn't use the cleaner tho. I have to order the APple Care already, I don't know what I'm waiting for!
  6. Is the Coach moisturizer the same as the conditioner? I dont see a conditioner on the website.
  7. Hey! I would not recommend the use of the cleaner. I can recommend the use of the moisturizer, but I strongly urge you to test a bit of the leather first. You might want to use it on the hang tag to see if there is any discoloring.

    To answer the previous question: the difference between the moisturizer and cleaner is just as it sounds. The cleaner is used to deeply clean smooth leather and can sometimes pull up a dark color. One analogy is that the cleaner is like an astringent and will thoroughly cleanse the leather. The moisturizer has a mild cleaner in it, so it will clean and moisturize at the same time. This is a great option for most bags because if the leather dries out it will scratch and pick up dirt more easily.

    Hope that helps! :yes:
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm just driving myself crazy worrying about if the stain would come out. I'm pretty sure I have the moisturizer at home so as soon as I get back I'm going to try. And thanks for pointing out to do a test spot first, I would have forgotten.