Feeling the itch.......

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  1. Goodness me. I just got my artsy and I am debating a speedy 30 mono. Here's why..... We never used my almost 300.00 credit. So I still have that to use.

    Should I use it up and get a small leather good like an azur key pouch or a mojo round GM key pouch, luggage tags, sunnies, bandeau etc. etc. etc.


    Should I sell my mini pochette and help fund a speedy with my credit. I have 2 regular pochettes the mini no longer works for me really. My phone is huge! Lol.


    Should I just save a while longer and hopefully grab the speedy before it reaches ridiculous price of over 1000.00. (I have no idea when the next increase is)

    What would you choose?

    I am so in love with my artsy. Seriously amazing.

    I know I need help. I fall asleep staring at my artsy. Lol.
  2. Do what you can to get the speedy if you believe it'll fit your lifestyle. Sell what you know you won't miss. personally prefer speedy b but that's just me!
  3. Sell the mini and buy the speedy!
  4. Sleep on it!

    I know that itch. I get it ALL the time. But I notice that it's an itch to shop and not necessarily a lusting for a certain style.

    When i scratch MY itch to shop (which I do often); I find myself not really being in love with what I purchased. Know what I mean?

    I try now to buy only when I research and try on a bag in store etc etc. I need to make sure I want the item before I splurge or else I end up with so much stuff in my closet that I don't use just because I scratched an itch...

    Just my two cents.
  5. That's excellent advice.

    OP: I say wait a little bit longer since there is no risk the Speedy will go away. Part of the fun is the anticipation... so think about your options and see what feels right in a few weeks.
  6. The artsy is stare worthy :smile:. Which print do you have? I' contemplating an exchange today which will give me about $400 credit. I've decided that I'd use that toward another bag and not small accessories, which is difficult, because they are basically "free" ;)

  7. Sounds good. I am in no rush. Still mulling it over. I am so not the impulsive buyer at all. My purchases are carefully planned and thought out.

  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463921052.901564.jpg

    I ha e this beauty. My actually pics are on my iPhone. ️
  9. So nice!! This bag was my inspiration for ordering the Berri. Just love the hardware and how the handle attaches to the grommets. :cool:
  10. So freaking true!!! I clicked on this thread because I'm having an itch too. I think I should just wait until I get the thing I really want.
  11. I agree with what others said try to sleep on it. You'll be surprised how the "itch" has lessen the next day :smile: