Feeling really sad...

  1. I just had my auction end (for an authentic LV) which I bought from an MPRS but because the style didnt suit, I listed it for $60 less than I bought it (73% off retail). It was in excellent condition.

    I am feeling really sad because while my auction ended with no bids, I have seen countless eBay listings for fake Louis Vuitton end with bids up to $500 AUD (that's just this morning).

    I'm feeling really disheartened and sad.

    Anyone else feeling like this?
  2. I totally feel your pain. I have had horrible luck selling all my items lately. Clothing, handbags, shoes, you name it. I think that eBay is saturated and so many people are selling on it that my items just don't sell. I have to sell my items for much lower prices than several years ago.
  3. The thing that irks me is my items are already really cheap - cheaper than the fakes... I dont know how much money I can lose so I would rather keep them myself or give them as gifts.
  4. Hi bella-- I yanked all my auctions and am just waiting it out because it got to the point where I was going to have to give them away to sell them and I didn't want to take the loss. I am going to try again beginning of November and hopefully xmas shopping will pick up then. Good luck!!
  5. ^^^ Thanks hun. I'm going to try and use the item, before I relist for any cheaper.
  6. You're not alone. I had to pull down a couple of auctions recently. I have to ship from Manila now and the shipping costs alone (not to mention new policies) will make it SO much more expensive to purchase any items coming from here. Add that to the fact that LV items here cost 30% more than they do in the US - selling stuff on eBay is like practically giving it away.
  7. To be honest, the super low price probably was suspicious to serious potential bidders who wanted an authentic bag. If your stomach can stand it, I would suggest the idea of relisting the bag at a significantly higher price--close to what similar bags have recently sold for. Do you know how to look up completed items on eBay?
  8. Same here. I have certain magazines that are .99 and they usually sell really fast, though there's one I just CAN'T get rid of!
    And yeah I know, a couple of weeks ago, I unloaded a lot of shoes I had only worn once but now, the only things that are really selling are books. I'm selling them all to Canadian bidders, no one in the US for some reason.
  9. Oh hun..dont despair!!
    *Me sending a positive vibe..

    What you can do now is to stay positive!
    Like others have said, it is so quite now on ebay so hopefully it will pick up soon for the festive season! :yes:
  10. Thanks Silvie. *Channeling your vibes* I am just so dissapointed that people would rather buy a fake (and not do their research) than a gently used real bag. I'll try to keep my chin up tho.
  11. Nothing is selling for me this week. Nothing. I have watchers, but that's about it! :sad: Anyone have an idea when things will pick up?
  12. ITA! I'm normally a buyer on ebay so am clueless about the state of selling right now. I've tried selling several smaller chanel to make room for new ones... have had lots of watchers but no bids.

    it's to the point I'm gonna save myself listing fees and store the bags in a hall closet.
  13. Hi bellacherie,
    Don't feel too sad, I am in the same boat like you many times.
    All of my collection are Authentic , but still I too experience same things like yours. Either low ball offers or bidding that is so low that I am practically giving away money to customers just to move inventory.
    The scary part is the fact that I see so many fakes out there. I even check out www.ioffer.com and cannot believe what I see.
    I am positively think that as more honest, trustable and dependable sellers , like, you and I and definitely all of us in this tPF community, will truly conduct business ethically and hopefully buyers realize that and pick up more sales this Holiday Season.

    Cheers !! :drinks: :drinkup:and for all Sellers and Buyers too...
  14. I think everyone is in the same boat. A few of my items ended without any bid while other auctions with the same/similar product sold much higher then what i listed. I was going to relist but I think i'm goin to wait it out until thanksgiving or closer to xmas time. Hopefully my items will sell by then!
  15. Oh, Bella.. I totally feel your pain..

    Use it first so you don't feel so bad about reselling it at lower than what you paid for it..