Feeling inferior...

  1. I tend to buy bags because I see them and fall in :love: rather than through research/loving particular designer/seeing them on celebs. The problem is that often I don't know what my bags are called :sad: and it's not always easy to find out! I know from a few posts I've read that some tPFers look down on people for not knowing the exact names of their bags, so I feel most self conscious even asking! :shame: How does everyone else do it?! :shrugs:
  2. If you see a bag you love in a store look at the tag or ask a SA what it's called. Then go to the TPF search enter the name etc. and you will get what ever info you need with out feeling self conscious. Hope this helps.
  3. Don't feel inferior - your buying your bags for all the right reasons!!!
    If you know the brand you could always try their website and establish which bag you have and find out the name.

    good luck
  4. Lets say for example you like a gucci. You could go to gucci.com and look at all of their handbags. If you see one that you like click on it and it will tell you the name. The same can be done for other brands. You can look at websites such as eluxury, Neimans, and Saks. I understand though how you feel. I wanted a Chanel and had no clue what the name was or price or any other info. I just hung out in that forum to get more info. Hope this helps. And oh, don't feel inferior, you're not.
  5. No need to feel inferior, you obviously buy your bags for all the right reasons.
  6. Well its only a name really... don't take it to heart that much! What matters is the bag looks great and that you love it!

    But if you absolutely must find out - then I am sure fellow TPFers can help if you provide a picture!

    Well this is a forum right? Different people are entitled to their own opinions - and it just for discussion purposes!
  7. I've spent hours in the past searching online for some of my bags, but I can't seem to find them :crybaby: And the latest one I got was a wee Prada bag :yahoo: in Italy...I don't speak Italian - the only words I know are 'how much?' and 'thank you'! So I just pointed, nodded and handed over the credit card!!! My work computer and digital camera aren't compatible, and I don't have the net at home, so I'll have to wait til I'm next at my parents' and post some pics so you girls can help me out!
  8. I really haven't read anything where TPF members look down on anyone who doesn't know the name of their bag; rather it's been my experience that we give the name of the bag because it's great to share, and someone else might like it too...I know I am grateful for everyone's expertise and sharing...I've bought a few bags based on recommendations here.. ;)

  9. ITA. :yes:

    No need to feel inferior for not being a bag nerd! :biggrin:

    It wasn't so very long ago that I was exactly the same as you - I knew the brand, but not, necessarily, the name of the bag.

    I have been well and truly corrupted by this forum! :nuts:

    BTW, you should always buy the bag you truly love the look of, not the bag you have been told to like; that's something I still do and will always do. :yes:

  10. Try posting the pics on the Prada forum - you should get plenty of knowledgeable responses there! :biggrin:
  11. If you don't want to know the history or name/style of the bags you buy, so what? They belong to you and that decision does as well.

    However, it is nice to have the information in a file or inside of the bag itself for the others who may use the bag when you are finished with it, whether that be your daughter or the eBay person who buys it from you.
  12. I am not sure why some people here are so hard on others that don't know names of bags. . . it's REALLY silly IMO.
    Don't feel inferior, we don't all know the names all every bag, if someone is rude, call them on it or report their post.
    My guess is 99.5% of women have NO idea that their bag even has a name!
  13. OOh you snatched the words right off my fingers, and it tickled!

    I don't even buy the famous name bags, one, I'm too poor, and frankly, even if I were rich, I would still rather buy ten bags for $10 than one for a hundred, and spending thousands on one accessory is just a file not found for me.

    I don't get the sense that anyone here looks down on me, certainly not enough to tell me about it, so I doubt anyone is looking down on you.

    You just keep on buying the bags you like, that is what it's all about!
  14. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure I knew bags HAD names 'til I came across tPF!!!
  15. Don't worry... I didn't really even care what the names were before I came to tPF.