Feeling guilty...dilemma

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  1. Hi all,

    I wanted everyone's thoughts on what they would do in this situation... I just bought the Evora MM (which I love) but have always wanted a rasberry colored handbag. I thought for sure I was going to get this gucci leather rasberry handbag but was waiting til June to see if it would go on sale.... Being impatient I kept stalking tpf for options of other rasberry colored purses and now am wanting the lumineuse pm in aurore...but with it being $3k i can't help but feel guilt getting it since I just bought the evora....

    Do you all ever feel guilty about spending so much on a purse? Should I get the gucci one which is 1/3 of the price? I like the detailing of the lumineuse and knowing it won't go on sale but I'm not sure I can get over my guilty conscience...

    I know ultimately it's my decision but just wanted to hear other thoughts on this....
  2. If you can afford the $3K price tag, I say go for what you love. If you get the Gucci and you are not really in love with it, you're going to keep looking at the Lumi and regretting not getting it. I sometimes feel bad about spending so much but that quickly goes away when I start using my bag. Good luck with your decision!
  3. I felt guilty when I bought my empreinte speedy, but then I remembered it's my UHG bag and I HAD to have it. I totally get feeling guilty though. I have 2 kids and feel that sometimes I could spend it on them instead of myself, but the truth is, they have everything they need and WANT, and I work extremely hard so I deserve to have a $3k bag if I want a $3k bag. Same goes for you, I'm sure you work hard, so you deserve it! YOLO.... Go get that Lumi, no sense in keeping the Evora if it's not 100% what you want��
  4. Yes, sometimes I do wonder if they are worth it! *avoiding rocks thrown at me* - I know I am in tpf lol

    Do you budget your savings & expenses? If you do, perhaps you buy the bag you love & save more the following month, cut down some expenses, make that bag the only major shopping expense this year etc so you won't feel so guilty in spending so much on bags :smile:
  5. I do feel guilty every single time I buy a LV. I am not sure that I will ever get over the "sticker shock" of how much they cost. Its silly though because I spare no expense for my kids or husband but the idea of splurging on myself is hard. My collection is a combo of new and pre loved. I feel like the pre loved makes me feel a bit better about spending so much, almost like a sale. I feel pretty content right now with my bags that I have, the only one I am longing for is a mon mono piece.

    If I were in your position right now I would really try to figure out which bag really speaks to you. If you buy a bag because it may cost less, but is not really what makes your heart sing, chances are that you are going to end up selling that bag at a loss or being stuck with it and getting the other one anyway which will cost you more in the end.

    Its easy to say don't feel guilty but so much harder to actually do it! Good luck in your choice:biggrin:
  6. for me, i have decided that i have a certain comfort zone that i feel ok spending, but when i venture too far above it i don't feel good about it. it's true what the other posters have said, if you can afford it.... but to be honest, i think you also need to be in touch with what feels right to you. i love my lvs but honestly, there is a $ limit above which it would not bring me pleasure because i just don't feel any bag is worth that high amount. should i duck, lol?? having said that, i think the higher end bags are gorgeous, it's just that there are other places i would prefer to put that amount of $$. the bottom line is to figure out what makes you feel good : )
  7. Maybe sell the Evora to get some kind of money back and put it towards the Lumi? That way you won't feel as guilty and I agree if you get the Gucci one you'll still be looking at the Lumi and may not be satisfied so don't get the cheaper one simply because.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input....I do save and work extremely hard for my money, and I do ensure my kids have everything they need as well as my hubby...and that bills are paid and money is also saved....but you all are right I have to figure out what I feel ok with...

    For now I think I'll get the lumi but just not this second, give myself some time to get over my guilt lol

    Thx everyone for your insight, very much appreciated, I love hearing other perspectives... :smile:
  9. The evora is a beautiful bag!!!
  10. + 1 Well said! :smile:
  11. Very well said. +1 :smile:
  12. +1!
  13. There is that "guilt" trip when making BIG purchases! As long as you have priorities in check, then go for it! We all have "vices" but make sure your financial obligations are towards your family, home, bills (water, electric, mortgage) and for "unexpected" occurrences (savings account) FIRST!!!
    Will you be happy with Gucci bag and NOT lust for the LV lumi bag afterwards?!?! Did you talk to your significant other?
  14. I agree with you completely, I have a limit I'm comfortable with spending. As much as I'd love an empreinte artsy I just can't part with that much money although in saying that I'm currently slowly saving for my first and probably only Chanel flap though it's timeless I suppose. I'm interested to see whether I'd part with the money when ready.
    I agree you should if you can afford it and love it get what you want, I settled once for a Gucci Boston bag as it's similar to the speedy b but was cheaper don't get me wrong I do like it a lot but. Don't love it so don't settle :P
  15. +1