feeling BLUE???

  1. lookie what i scored over the weekend!!
    this one's taken with flash!
    the i :heart::heart: the bag!!! it's in the most gorgeous shade of blue and it matches most of my clothes!!! the bag is so functional i'm so glad i got it!:love: at such an lovely price!!!i like the fact that it's different from my usual bags..the frame design gives it a vintage/girlie touch to it!! definitely a good change!
    happy holidays girls!!!!:woohoo:
  2. nice! love the colour (i believe the colour is that of the first 2 pics - deeper blue in colour)!
  3. how GORGEOUS is that bag?:heart:and i love the colour :drool:! how much did you pay, spill the beans girlie:graucho:
  4. i never thought blue bag would be nice until i saw urs...
    it's a really nice buy... congrats...:tup:
  5. it's really pretty congrats!!
  6. The colour is just gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy :smile:
  7. blue is not a colour I would normally consider but that looks fab and you wear it well :okay:
  8. I love this bag and the blue is TDF. Congrats and enjoy~!
  9. thank you so much ladies!!!:shame::cutesy:
    i always thought this bag was nice but could never bring myself to pay $1700+ USD to buy it! that's why i grabbed it immediately when i saw it on 50%!! and what's more, dior had this lucky draw promotion for every $5000 HKD spent (US$670 approx), and i was lucky enough to win a dior trotter card case!! (: (: (:
  10. aaaw even more congrats hun !:yahoo: some pics of the card case maybe ?:graucho:
  11. WOWEE! I've always admired this My Dior line, but just couldn't pay the $1,000+ for it. You are so fortunate to find it on sale - it is gorgeous and to get an extra bonus is even better!! Congrats - it looks wonderful on you and is just so classy. :yes:
  12. wooot! fabulous purchase at an amazing price! i think it's one of the most beautiful shade of blue i've seen from dior and the leather looks so smooshy soft. :drool: congrats and ITA with nattie, pictures of the card case too perhaps, we're such addicts for more pictures as always. ;)
  13. I love the color, so saturated. Enjoy!
  14. I love the my dior collection, its very understated and the branding is discrete. I have the ballet flats to match that bag which looks fab with denim!
  15. That is so lovely! Congrats:tup: