Feel like I'm abusing my poor new ZC

  1. I just got my 1st ZC in peanut & I love love love it!! BUT I feel like I'm abusing it by putting dirty $$ & especially change in the beautiful suede lined pockets. I mean, I put the money in it but I feel guilty........anyone else feel this way?
  2. ^ i have a black ZC and the interior of mine is a cream color. i put change in the front zip pocket, and it's gotten pretty dirty. but i figure its a wallet; the change part is bound to get dirty sooner or later. i didn't think to put a paper lining in the change part, but ive seen posts on here where someone did use paper to line her ZC.
  3. I actually thought about doing that - and I think now I'm going to...... the lining is almost the same shade but it's light enough where I think the dirty coins will end up blackening it.
  4. my zc is lined in cream satin. so far, i haven't had any problems with the interior getting dirty. i keep my change in a separate pouch since the zc pockets aren't big enough to hold the amount of coins i accumulate. tuffcookie is right. you can always line the front pockets with paper or clear plastic. that should be enough to protect the suede. worse comes to worst, you can always clean it with a suede brush if it's small enough to fit in those itty bitty pockets.
  5. i agree. i feel so bad tossing around my ZC. i dont mind the inside b/c it's going to get dirty no matter what with your money and constant reaching in. But i'm really bummed that the outside hardware is getting tarnished. oh wells, i love it still!
  6. I own only one zip clutch, which is in washed rose with nickel hardware, and I have used it daily for 2 or 3 years. I don't treat it special, yet it still manages to look great and take my abuse with dignity. I think I will give it some Apple leather conditioner tonight as a reward for always being there for me :smile:
  7. I don't know if there's a difference between the MJ ZC or the MbMJ ZC. I have the latter and I use the MJ key holder as a coin purse and it fits in the zip clutch perfectly! And the middle section in the zip clutch where you're supposed to put change.. that's where I put my lippies! Three of them can fit in there! :yes:
  8. Well I put a paper lining in the big zipper front pocket for now - that's where I put all my change - too much for the little pushlock pockets. I do have a seperate coin purse - but one of the reasons I want the ZC was kind of an all in one thing. I'm sure after a while I'll stop babying it - but it's so beautiful I don't want to ruin the pretty suede lining. Did any of the colors ever come with a black suede lining? or a dark navy lining?
  9. funny i saw this thread b/c just today i saw that my ZC was getting a tiny bit dirty on the corners of the pockets :sad: mine is linen I think that's the name. but its a cream color, I'm surprised it hasn't gotten worse than it is so far.

    my ZC is by far the best wallet i've ever had! and def. worth the $$
  10. Linen is lovely - and there is the new lilac color available @ Saks now which is oh so tempting!!
  11. I purchased a ZC from Thithi (thanks, I am in love with it and get tons of compliments) but I basically shined up the hardware, and gave it a little cleaning, but she looks great and has also been the best quality and nicest wallet I have ever owned.
  12. :nuts::nuts: - What? - new colors? - What new lilac? - gold hardware?
  13. ^ That's what I was thinking! LOL

    I love the ZCs, they last forever and it look great. I've been lucky and managed to get ZCs with darker suede inside. My Emerald has navy suede and the Maroon had red suede. Even when it does get dinged up, it still looks great. I hope the paper works for you!
  14. OMG, just found the Lilac!!


    Also in Pistachio:

  15. OMG! The Lilac is TDF!!:drool: