Feeding a Hermes addiction - and selling all else (I think)

  1. You know, I have been visiting this Hermes forum regularly for the past 2 months or so (read: everyday) and I am beginning to think that Hermes is the ultimate brand of bags to own.

    This morning, I owned up to my husband and very remorsefully revealed to him that I had gone way overboard in the last few months, acquiring several bags over a short period of time.

    May - Tod's Gold Girei
    June - Chanel Bronze Bowler Bag
    July - my Mum's multi-colour Alma LV
    Aug/Sep - 2 Birkins, 1 Evelyn, 1 heart cadena, 1 lock charm, 1 Garden Party.

    I told him I have this hunter mentality, that I like to hunt for the bags. The process gives me the euphoria. But the moment I have them in my possession, they are not so exciting anymore. Have I got a disease?

    So, I told him I want to sell off some of my bags, and recover some of the money I think I have wasted. He wasn't hopeful that I have repent (kidding), and instead added on to say that he was sure I want to sell my other bags to fan my bag fetish for other brands. He teased me by saying that "I thought you were going to cancel your shoulder birkin order!". Nay ....

    I want to sell a couple of my earlier acquistions. But at the same time, I think I might miss them. Any advice?
  2. I haven't sold any of my 'other' bags as yet, because I always think I will regret it, but when I envisage my bags ALL Hermes...well....it does motivate me, somewhat.......

    haven't done it yet, perhaps we should take the plunge together, mrs s ???????
  3. You're not planning to sell Hermes bags, right??? Definitely keep those...
  4. I have been where you are right now, and am still in the process of ridding myself of my previous purchases, and I can honestly say that with the exception of a very few bags that are more everyday/casual bags that I did keep, I do not regret parting with any of the rest even though at the time I did have second thoughts. Those that I kept initially eventually did get sold down the road as I grew tired of them.

    Keep the ones you use the most often. Someone in this Forum once suggested carrying a bag for a week to see if you still want to keep it before you sell it. If you find you can't part with it, then keep it, and if not, well out it goes.
  5. good advice, O.
  6. No no, I don't mean to offload my Hermes purchases. I think they are for keeps.

    It is the earlier ones i.e. the Tod's, the Chanel.

    And I don't want the eBay sort of trouble either. I might just approach a couple of those 2nd hand bag shops in town.

    My Tod's Gireii was my everyday bag until my Garden Party came along, so it's not like it's irreplaceable. And owning a Tod's bag then was a birthday present to myself, and I had the satisfaction of owning one. Now, that feeling has fizzled.

    As for the Chanel Bowler, I was excited that I was the very few who could get my hands on a IT bag. The deerskin is so luxurious. I am not so sure about letting this one go but it being a IT bag, it just won't have the longevity of a Kelly (if I may compare bags about the same price range)

  7. MrsSparkles, I've been in your shoes before. I've sold off all my LVs (all but one had never been used), Chanel (not used), Fendi (not used), Pradas (not used) and Dior (unused) at a loss but you know what, I never regretted it one bit ... Well okay, the only one I regretted was the Dior and LV Cherry Blossom because I sold them for less than 50%. So, I think you should keep the Hermes and sell the rest, but sell them above 50% if you've never used them.:yes:
  8. O ~ That Is Great Advice!!!

    I Have Been Thinking The Same Way..... & I Have Never Sold Any Of My Own Bags......

    Mrs.s ~ It Sounds As Though You Could Do It...
  9. Wow Kou! You Are One Determined Girl! Good For You!!!
  10. K, I am just thinking aloud ... I am not sure if I will be able to take the plunge. I've never done it before. I am just talking about recent purchases. I still have a closet full or Pradas and Guccis!
  11. ^ I Completely Understand.....I Feel The Same!
  12. Mrss....I was in the same boat not too long ago and finally took the plunge and sold off almost EVERYTHING! I kept the LV bag my mother used for 25years, my Chanel Re-issue and Bolt bag. That's it! Everything else I sold and then I bought my beautiful Hermes bags. It's ok, Mrss.....just go slow and start with the one bag you never use. And take it one by one.
  13. i have been wanting to sell my non-hermes bags since i rarely use them. but it's been hard parting from them (hermes or non-H). but i was able to sell my paddington, that was a relief. that bag was heavier than the shoulder birkin!
  14. OH I CAN RELATE! Birkins are double even what many high end runway bags cost, so it's perfectly normal to try to cut corners with your other bags. Personally, I only buy bags I know are investment pieces. I never bought a Chloe bag (even though I have a closet full of Chloe clothes & shoes), I never bought a Fendi Spy, etc., because to me they are not worth it. I have Louis Vuitton limited edition pieces like the Trompe L'Oeil Trocadero bag and the Plum Suhali Le Tal. I have classic Chanel bags, not the super duper trendy pieces- though you can never really go wrong with Chanel. I have Goyard, Prada, etc., but all are special to me. The last bag I bought on a whim that I ever thought about selling was an LV Cabas Piano bag which I used to death then sold. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is- buy only the bags that make you happy and that make you smile whenever you open your closet. If that is only a collection of Hermes, then screw the Fendi. I know that I want another Birkin. Probably a HAC or a 40cm, just to change it up. Maybe an exotic if I'm really good and lucky. This means I either have to sell or save or wait for another windfall to come and I can never really predict those and I'd hate to sell anything and so I guess saving it is and accepting the possibility of buying pre-owned which is OK will Hermes as it adds so much character.
  15. Believe me, once you start listing them on eBay or whichever venue you use, you will come to accept the fact that you're letting them go and from that point on, it's the point of no returns (and no guilt):yes: