Fedex is holding my bbag!

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  1. I've been waiting for a new bbag and I got a call yesterday from Fedex. The message said they need Power of Attorney? to release it through Canada Customs and they need me to agree to paying the taxes.

    I called the Fedex girl back this morning and she started questioning me BIG TIME! I guess the sender put the value as $100 and that it was a repair. She's asking me all these things - did you send it out for repair? - how did you send it out? - if you did, what was wrong with the bag? - How much did you really pay? - I know these bags arent $100 etc etc, she wouldnt stop with the questions?

    Then she tells me I need to fax her my invoice as proof that I paid only $100! and that would be the only way the could release the bag!

    Ive never heard of this, can they really do that? does she have the right to ask me for my invoice? Any suggestions to get my bag through?
  2. Sorry to hear that your bbag is stuck at the border. Unfortunately, it is not the FedEx or the UPS's that causes this delay -- its Customs. They are the ones that want the info and in the end the shipping company just needs the info in order for the shipment to be released. The carriers - (fedex, ups..etc) just need to abide to Custom's requests

    I know its frustrating..and the taxes are huge..But unfortunately its customs that wants the $$$ and proof. On many occasions, i had to provide the invoice as well....
  3. wow I have never heard of this before. I am scared for this to happen so I only buy and ship within US. except for let-trade
  4. ^^^You need a One-time Power of Attorney form which Fedex can fax to you. Unfortunately you'll have to pay the proper amount of taxes for the bag since you'll have to show the original invoice before they'll release to you. The best way to receive packages from the US is through USPS Global Express ... if you send it through any courier service, they will automatically check your package's value since couriers use a brokerage service. Sorry you had to go through this but you'll going to have to declare the correct amount or refuse the parcel. HTH:yes:
  5. Wow that is scary... I just bought my vert d'eau city and my seller is from Canada. She indicated that the price is $1,100 Canadian dollar. I thought I would need to pay for taxes and lucky I don't have to.

    I hope for the best for you!! *hugs*
  6. It is quite normal to have to show the invoice. I get it all the time, whether it is FedEx or normal post. With FedEx, it is 100% of the time, while for normal post, it sometimes slips through without taxes. You'll just have to pay up, I'm afraid. Sorry :sad:
  7. Really? Ive purchased A TON of bags and other items and have never been asked this. Not once. So thats why im a little shocked
  8. oh nooo, sorry this is happening to you SpecialK!

    Maybe the seller will help you out and send you a 100$ invoice? Since she had the idea with claiming it was a repair?

    Hope you can sort this out :sad:
  9. Yes it is normal for Fed ex to ask for an invoice for the repairs. Here are work i usually send some materials back to japan and i always have to have an invoice. When i do make an invoice i usually just put 100 dollars so Our japan office doesnt have to pay double for customs charges. If the item is a repair i sometimes have to put the full total value on the invoice. depends what it is for.

    Maybe you can ask the seller to make an invoice for you so u can claim your bag
  10. Aww that sucks,I hope that she does an invoice so you can get your bag.