Fawn EPI Noe!

  1. Hi everyone, I have a fawn (discontinued color) epi lv noe bag in perfect condition. I have hardly used it. It is a beautiful bag! Do you think I should sell it or just keep it? I was planning on using it for Fall because the color goes with everything. I am not sure how fuctional the bag is. Anyone who can offer any input will be greatly appreciated.


  2. Hi Lisa, I own a Fawn Noe too, and it's definitely a keeper. Reasons: 1. the color is discontinued, 2. it's one of LV's icon bags, 3. holds so much 4. easy to match anything you wear, 5. easy to carry on the shoulder, 6. eBay's market rate for the Noe is just way too low to reflect the actual value of the bag and you'd be taking a big loss on such a great bag...Hmmm are you convinced to keep the lovely Noe now :smile:
  3. I have a fawn epi noe also and i would not sell it. I bought mine on eBay and trust me the resale value is waaaaayyyyy too low plus it s a gorgeous bag. The color is rich and matches just about everything. Keep it. you won't regret it
  4. wow! you are sure convincing. You dont think the bag is out dated? I never really see anyone with the Noe anymore or do I hear other talking about them. I agree its a beautiful bag! I cant remember what I paid at the time but what are they selling on ebay for? The more i look at mine the more I do like it. I just thought it was kinda out of style!!
  5. I bought my like new condition noe for $225. The bag has its own club. Irene has about a billion of them, matter of fact she is the Queen of the Noe. The noe is an iconic bag. Its beautiful. Look at all the bags around that have that drawstring closure. That came from somewhere and its all to mimic LV.
  6. I would keep it. Since it is a discontinued color and if you sold it and decided later that you did indeed want it, it may be too difficult to replace.
  7. OMG!!! Are you kidding?! Noe:graucho: is def. a keeper!!! And fawn is simply STUNNING!:love: One of the reasons I LOVE is because you DON'T see them around a lot. IMO, it makes the bag even more unique.;)
  8. Yep and to add, it's not out of style - it's called 'Classic' baby :smile: I recent;y added the Mono Noe to my collection too - sold off my Petit Noe when I ran out of cash and then regretted it, so when I got my tax refund, I rushed to LV and upsized to the Noe <yay> Keep your Fawn coz if you regret it later, you won't be able to replace the color anymore.
  9. KEEP IT!! I bought one over the summer (brand new!) and just started carrying it - love love love it!
  10. Does the fawn color really match everything?!? I"d really like to see pics if you have any!! I was worried that it wouldn't match a whole lot, and was trying to compare it to the gold color.
    Any opinions???
  11. I was wondering how long it would take Irene to post to this...:lol::lol:

    I've been looking at one myself. Keep it! it is a lovely bag!:love:
  12. here is a pic of mine:
  13. Personally, I do love NOE :heart: so classy ;)
    Its shape is unique and not out of style, IMO :yes:
    FAWN is really gorgeous color...Yep, I always love my Fawn Epi Noe :love:
    Keep it, Lisa...you'll not be disappointed :flowers:
  14. keeper
  15. Thanks so much! You have all convinced me to keep it! I just wanted to make sure it wasnt out of style anymore. I harldly every hear of anyone wanting one! Thanks everyone!!!