Favourite Season?


Favourite Season?

  1. Spring

  2. Summer

  3. Autumn/Fall

  4. Winter

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  1. Hello!

    Which do you like best?
  2. I voted for Spring.
  3. The HOTTER the better! I love summer!
  4. I looove layering and wearing coats and scarves and hoodies and boots and hats and gloves LOL! Guess what I voted for... yup, winter!
  5. I think for me it would have to be fall or spring - I like when the weather is chilly but not too cold. I like wearing sweaters and scarfs and during spring you can bring out all the colorful clothes as well.
  6. Winter!!

    Although in my part of AZ, I don't have to deal with snow! LOL
  7. I really like the fall sweaters and I love layering sweaters and I also love watching the college football games and of course the baseball playoffs and championships ! I just love the the fall and I can break out my fall purses !
  8. Late spring and early autumn. =) Because it's no too hot, you can wear layers and the air is so fresh and crystal clear here. I also love the colours we get at the time. :smile:
  9. I completely agree, I love fall esp., that's why I'm getting married this fall!!!
  10. definitely Summer.. i love the long days and i don't mind the heat at all.
  11. summer.....that's why i moved to the tropics!!
  12. Love the spring season, the blossoming flowers, cool weather, good colour palette to choose from clothes wise..
  13. Fall, definitely...because:

    It's my birthday season...I love how the weather cools down and the crisp air...the crunchy leaves...apple picking and drinking piping hot apple cider...knowing that Christmas is near...and how the sun setting earlier makes you feel like cuddling. The Summer just-passed is a recent memory in the fall, whereas it's a vague memory once winter comes around. I also love that feeling of excitement before the school year starts.

    I always find that the most interesting season in fashion is autumn/winter...so many intricate and beautiful pieces that you can layer up and down. I love the feel of wool and wearing tights, and wearing my funky hats.

    I can't wait for this fall!!
  14. It's got to be Winter for me. Love it.:smile:
  15. Since I live in SoCal I really don't have seasons, but if I had to pick one it would be Fall.