Favourite comfort foods?

  1. Gather 'round and tell me what your favourite comfort foods are! I mean the ones that you like the curl up with on front of the tv watching cute comedies and feeling all warm and fuzzy with.

    I'm half Japanese so everything I cook is mostly Japanese home cooking. My two favourite comfort foods are Japanese curry and this thing called "cream stew", which is rice and all sorts of vegetables in a creamy white sauce. They're so easy too, you just buy blocks of condensed mix at asian supermarkets and put it in hot water and it dissolves into lovely sauce in no time.

    I also love rice pudding... it repulses my mum to think of dairy and rice together (she hates the cream stew too). Actually, she's just repulsed by dairy :sad:.
  2. Fun idea! Mine are not healthy in any way at all... and most have chocolate in them!

    Mac and cheese (and not blue box stuff!), mashed potatoes, lasagna, choc chip cookies, homemade chocolate pudding (i.e. that you make from scratch, on the stove) and chocolate ice cream!
  3. I love eclairs! Creamy and yummy! I also love chocolate chip croissants.
  4. Lol i've never heard of comfort foods that are healthy! Pudding and eclairs sound so good right now (i'm extremely hungry too!).

    Oh and I just realised I have a million typos in my first post:

    I mean the ones that you like to curl up with in front of the tv watching cute comedies and feeling all warm and fuzzy with.

    Ahem. Excuse my pedantic side :shame:.
  5. This time of year - chex party mix, made with cashews instead of mixed nuts, & extra butter & worchester sauce.
  6. Mexican posole soup....and chicken tortilla soup...my favorite comfort foods.
  7. chocolate cake...carrot cake....pizza.....chinese take out.....
    i love rice pudding too! my gram used to make the best from scratch!!!
  8. Oh man, there are so many! Mainly pizza (from Peter Piper's) with A LOT of ranch dressing, a Quarter Pounder and fries from McD's, pecan ice cream, popcorn, Lay's chips with lemon and hot sauce, Chips Ahoy and milk, spaghetti, homemade mashed potatoes.. and that's all that comes to mind right now. Of course, all salty snacks accompanied by a tall glass of ice-cold Coke.

    I'm about to have some pecan ice cream right now!
  9. Rice pudding as well, chocolate, pizza and probably more chocolate!
  10. Japanese curry over rice, hot & sour soup
    beef burgundy stew, chicken pot pie

    Lindt's dark chocolate wins hands down for favorite comfort snack followed by Boston creme doughnuts.
  11. Wow, where to even start?

    Pizza, chicken pot pie, anything chocolate, my mom's Chinese dumplings, eggrolls, cheese...I'm getting hungry just thinking about everything:p
  12. homemade chicken or beef soup with lots of veggies, baskin robbins banana split (jamoca almond fudge, strawberry, and pistacio), doritos, lays potato chips with tabasco sauce, red skin peanuts
  13. extra dark hershey's chocolate, yes it's plain ole' hershey but it's the best!
  14. mac and cheese!
    my mother's food (korean dishes)
    cheese pizza :smile:
  15. Bagels from this little deli where I grew up, chicken soup with matzo balls or dumplings, vanilla milkshakes, french fries, chocolate cake.....

    My comfort foods are pretty much anything fatty and loaded with carbs!