Favorite Tokidoki Style For School?

  1. What do you girls use for an everyday school bag? Favorite style/print? I've seen people using styles like campeggios, buon vaggios, mamma mias... but never seen scuola or nuvola :p
  2. I'm not a backpack girl, so the BV and ciao ciao are my school bags. And the nuvola doesn't hold much.
  3. I use the corriere or scuola or ciao ciao but lately it's been corriere
  4. I would probably get a scuola or whatever (the backpack) if I were still in school.
  5. If I were still in school it would be a Campeggio hands down!! I'd get one in every print!
  6. Amore campeggio! I got one off of eBay with ciaociao and adios couples all over the front. can't wait!!!
  7. BV to carry my books!
  8. Currently switching between my mamma mia and my Coach tote..

    The mm is an AWESOME bag for casual.. I-dont-have-to-bring-so-much-to-school type of bag..

    I want the BV next for school!

    Haha I sound like a grade schooler.. I'm a soph in college :amuse:
  9. Haha, now I feel like a little kid :p I am in college too.

    whiskers: Alll over the front? Post pics when you get it!

    I'm not too much into huuuuuuge huge bags... and I want a bag that I can use for school and can continue using even after I graduate. I guess the mm or campeggio are the best choices eh? The only large bag I have is the zucca because the style is just soo cute :p
  10. I would use BV or Zucca. Campeggio is good too but i feel its kinda heavy if i bring books inside a campeggio since its a messanger bag. Its just me tho...many people actually like it :p
  11. Luckily I don't need to bring textbooks... just notebooks for me! I saw someone walk pass me today with an amore campeggio... it looked realllly nice on her :yes: