Favorite Things To Dip Bread Into...

  1. Ranch dressing,
    Marinara sauce,
    Fettuccine sauce,
    White calm sauce,
    Turkey gravy, and
    Spinach artichoke dip...

  2. mMMM this post is making me hungry!!

    this isnt really dipping but i love bread with butter and sugar!
  3. I love olive oil and basalmic vinegar, marinara sauce, and spinach and artichoke dip!

    For sweet stuff I like chocolate sauce, caramel, or honey.
  4. I love dipping bread in the white wine sauce from steamed mussels. Also, Williams Sonoma has a bunch of bread dipping olive oils that are really good.
  5. Whenever I go to an Italian restaurant, I always ask for a side of marsala sauce to dip my bread into! Love it! Also, I will you bread as a sponge for any type of stock based sauce. Like a gravy, demi glace, wine sauce! It;s the best part of the meal!
  6. marinara sauce, olive oil with fresh ground black pepper, and honey.
  7. Just wanted to add, yogurt and apple compote. :yes:
  8. Italian dressing.
  9. olive oil w/ red pepper flakes


    melted butter and parmesean cheese
  10. ditto! yummy!
  11. Ranch Dressing, olive oil, melted cheese, marinara sauce, spinach and artichoke dip, creamy soups, regular soups, beans, etc. pretty much anything, lol. :p
  12. good old fashioned fattening butter!
  13. This store near my house sells bread dipping oils. My favorite flavour is tomato basil. I also really like melted cheese.
  14. ^:yes: Yes!

    I like a really flavorful olive oil, fresh ground pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar! It's soooooooooo delicious!