Favorite Summer PEDICURE color?

  1. I've been using OPI's sweet heart for a while now and need to mix it up.

  2. OPI "maliblue" or Sally Hansen "Sunset Heat" coral.
  3. essie waltz, rescue beauty black russian, lippmann sarah smile, rescue beauty coral, lippmann *****es brew, essie fiji, essie mademoiselle, essie wicked... i could go on and on :biggrin: those are some of my faves tho!
  4. A newer color from Chanel called Organdy. It's a beautiful, vibrant pink. I'm wearing it right now!
  5. Thanks everyone! I'm going to check these out!
  6. That's what I'm wearing right now! It was just in Allure Magazine as the "Reader's Choice" for best bright! I love it and have received compliments on the color.
  7. When summer comes along, my pedicure always goes form Essie Wicked to a very sweet Essie Options Pink color..
  8. I love bubble bath by OPI. I normally go for a french manicure for the summer though. It just looks great with any outfit.
  9. I have been wearing OPI's Dutch Tulips quite a bit this summer. It is a nice bright, deep pink.
  10. Any of OPI's hot pinks!!!
  11. Me too! This is my first summer with a french pedicure and I love how I can wear any shoes and my toes look great!
  12. I get a pedicure once a week so I am constantly changing depending on my mood.
  13. So I went for bubble bath tonight. Ha ha - really big change huh? I need to see some of these new colors (new for me that is..) in person. I agree about the neutral comments though. I usually wear hot pink in the summer, but i've been going neutral because it just goes with everything.
  14. I love all of OPI's pinks. hot pink, light pink, bright pink, all so cute for summer.
  15. oh too fun! my feet take such a beating with walking/jogging + summer hockey but I love OPI's OPI por favor and Seniorita-Rose-alita. I LOVE bright colors b/c I'm so porcelain pale year 'round and it's nice having a bright color pop with my summer shoes!