Favorite suit brand?

  1. What is your favorite brand for a suit? Is the same brand if the suit is for work or if the suit is for outside work functions (wedding, etc...)

    I am going to be a godmother soon and I am thinking of wearing a suit for the event. I'm sure there are many events or work days where I can wear a suit so I want to get a good one. That's why I am asking.
  2. I get most of my suits from Banana Republic. The pants fit great (there are different cuts depending on what you prefer) and they're good quality for the price - pants and jackets are fully lined, and most of the styles I buy are seasonless, lightweight wool with some stretch. My friends also rave about Theory suits, but I don't like that their pants are unlined.
  3. i need to wear suits often for work and i like tahari skirt suits a lot. i have a couple of suits from the same designer that i could wear to the office or a christening, for e.g.
  4. j.crew is my favorite for suits - they have some great styles. i also own a banana republic suit, which i like as well!
  5. I love Theory....they just fit so perfectly.
  6. BCBG-- they're inexpensive at the outlet, tailored to look modern and feminine, and not skanky looking. I don't mean to sound rude, but I haaaaate those cheapo polyester suits they sell in the jr's dept at places like JC Penney and Kohls. I have absolutely nothing against those stores, but I hate those suits-- they always look sooooo cheap no matter how they ft:tdown:
  7. jcrew and BR both make great suits at reasonable prices. more than just cut, the fabric has to be good too because the better quality it is, the longer it will last. theory suits are great too, but more expensive compared to the other two. if you can get them on sale, it'll be more worth it.

    i also think some italian designers make great looking suits, depending on your figure, budget and age...dolce and gabbana, armani and piazza sempione
  8. I go for Banana Republic.
  9. I like Max Mara. And for a godmother-type outfit that could still go work, Cynthia Steffe might be good.
  10. I love vintage Thierry Mugler! Vavooom!!!!! I get stopped in the hallways at work and in the supermarket after work by total strangers who are in awe of these suits.
  11. I only own two suits and they are by the amazing William Hunt. I'm not even sure he makes women's suits anymore, they fit like a glove!
  12. Anne Klein
  13. i think Theory is amazing
  14. I love Theory too! Also in Canada, there's a brand called Talula Babaton, which is the house brand of a store called Aritzia (for all those non-Canadians here!) which also makes the most flattering suits!
  15. Me too! I actually own a pair of polyester dress pants that my mom bought me when I was 13 because I needed black pants, and they're gross and make a funny noise when I walk :lol: