Favorite style in a black bbag???

  1. I'm contemplating a black bbag. I'm tossing around the idea of the First - don't have a small bag of any sort (because I'm typically a big bag gal). Or the afternoon.... or can a black Purse still be found?

    any thoughts or opinions?? what's your favorite style for black?
  2. i think all style in black is gorgeous!
  3. I'm a city girl.
    But I think it depends on what you want to use it for. I think the first is really small more an eaveningbag for me. City can be both and you get more use of it. The afternoon sounds good I saw one the other day on a tall darkhaired gal, it was stunning.
  4. Have to agree with Seahorse - all blacks are gorgeous. The first looks really classic in black. I feel like if you get only one Balenciaga, a black First or City would be a great choice.
  5. I love black bbags!!!:heart: :heart:
    I had a black city and a black first but in the end I decided to keep the first and sold the city. The first can fit quite a lot of stuff (not as much as a city of course) and I like the fact that I can carry it both day and night
  6. I like the first in black. The City is pretty too, but to me, the first looks the best in black. It's such a nice shape. Drawback is that it won't hold a lot, the City holds a ton. Wel not quite a ton, but a lot.:P
  7. ^^ ditto :tender:
  8. I love the black work! It goes with me to the office pretty much all week because it matches everything AND I hold a lot of stuff!!!! My black is soooo beautiful, very good leather and as everybody says here - SMOOSHY!:P
  9. black work as seen on one of the olsen twins looks gorgeous too btw...
  10. black first or work! :heart:
  11. well, I got the first. Now I need my courier to sell. thanks guys!
  12. Congrats messengerbaglover!:yes:
    Great choice, my black first is my favorite bbag ever!

  13. As usual I quite agree with powder. For an everyday bag I vote for the city. I never get tired of it and it looks good when it's stuffed but also with just a lipstick and a wallet inside:P . I never get tired of mine.
  14. I second Powder and Trama : City rocks in black !!!
  15. I agree, he black City is awesome, I have one and I love it. I wouldnt mind getting a black Twiggy or Day either.