Favorite Santa Barbara Wineries

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  1. My husband and I are headed to Santa Barbara this weekend for our 5th anniversary and I'm looking for some advice on what wineries we can't miss. So far I know we want to visit Qupe and Blackjack.

    Suggestions?? TIA!!
  2. Sorry I didn't see this in time! Where did you end up going?

    I've been to Firestone, Rancho Sisquoc, Koehler, Zaca Mesa, Foxen... and there was another one I can't remember. We took a limo and did ALL of them in one day. It was way too much and I felt drunk by the 3rd one even though I was only sipping (and spitting many of them out), but it was fun. I thought Koehler and Firestone were the nicest. Foxen was the least nice of all of them (it was like a roadside shack), but I liked their wine a lot.
  3. Thanks for your reply Claire! We ended up going to Los Olivos and Solvang and visiting tasting rooms. We had a great time but next time I think we'll end up taking a tour so we don't have to worry about drinking. We did a lot of sharing tastings, so we didn't get too tipsy...