Favorite Sales Associates?

  1. I was just wondering who everyone's favorite purse sales associates are?

    Normally, I just go to whoever is free when I'm shopping; however, I've had a situation recently, and the SA who helped by went above and beyond in my opinion...so, I wanted to give him a shout out!

    I know many people hate Neiman's, but Kerry from the Tyson's Galleria Neiman's has been super! He helped me locate a bag and checked in with me several times. I remember purchasing a bag from him last year, and he sent me a thank you note! I think that's really rare behavior.
  2. Kerry (female) from the Fair Oaks' Coach store is great & will help you with everything. She's my favorite SA by far from any of the Coach store in the No. VA area.
  3. Well, Kara from Nordies Towson Town Center is the best. She goes above and beyond with everything she does. She's in handbags, but locates shoes and sunnies for me as well. I love her.

    Suli, I haven't had the greatest experiences with NM SAs at Tysons, but I'm going to look out for this Kerry.
  4. Debra from Bergdorfs... but she doesn't work in purses.. she's a dolce & gabbana style consultant. I let her know what purses i want, and she gets them for me.... i :heart: her because she keeps it real. The first time i shopped w/ her, I was buying this marni necklace and she refused to ring me up... she told me that I could get the same thing for $15 at soho... LOL, eversince then i knew she wouldn't let me buy bad purses or anything else for that matter.
  5. Laurence from LV-Neiman Marcus, Fashion Island. He's a real sweetheart
  6. Peter at Gucci in NYC 5th Avenue.. Vanessa and Juan at Sak's BalaCynwyd
  7. Brenden at Chanel in NY is great. I think he's at the 57th store...

    I LOVE Joseph at Nordy's in San Diego (Fashion Valley). He won't sell you a bag that you won't love. And he suggests that you think about those impulse buys before plunging forward on them. And he's honest--which is great! If anyone ever needs a bag--give him a call! 619.295.4441.
  8. The totally reminds me of this YSL SA at the Madison Ave store. She told me that the scarves are similar to ones you can get at Strawberry for $10! :biggrin: She was really sweet. She even gave me a gift certificate to a spa.
  9. Norma from the Phoenix Saks fifth! She is so friendly and helpful! She doesn't work in Chanel, but she is in the accessories department.
  10. I have to shout out properly...his name is Carey. I got a thank you note from him today for my recent purchase!
  11. if any of you are ever in paris, or interested in givenchy, definitely ask for patricia at the givenchy boutique on ave george V. she just goes above and beyond! the boutique also has excellent stock. some of the female sales associates at the nyc boutique are great as well, very helpful.
    virginia in shoes at NM palo alto, jay in shoes at saks in nyc, scot at the chanel boutique in sf is fun, everyone at the miu miu boutuqie in soho in nyc, everyone at the ysl boutique in sf, and of course sarah at the balenciaga boutique in nyc.

    some of my least faves would be the sales associates at the christian louboutin boutiques in the us. alot of them have very terry cox-like attitudes
  12. My favorite is Annie in the Soho LV in NYC.
  13. Marty at Nordstrom in Costa Mesa, California (South Coast Plaza)
  14. Trish at the nordstrom in garden city NY, Roosevelt Filed Mall
  15. Hello all! New to tpf here, and curious to know who your favorite SA is? Where do you prefer to shop? Online, boutiques, department stores? Curious to know the best places and best people to work with so I can build my fabulous handbag collection!