Favorite Rings

  1. I'm thinking of investing in a new ring sometime soon. Post pics & details, and prices of youre fav. rings here.
  2. i just started collecting rings, and i purchased the DY petite albion prasiolite ring in feb. it is $590 before tax. it looks like this:


    next week i am going back to get the small noblesse citrine ring. it is $500 before tax and it looks like this:

    (one on bottom)

    i didn't type out the details, but they're all listed on the DY website, Saks or Neiman Marcus sites, etc.
    there are tons of great designers that you could check out...i just happen to be into david yurman's stuff at the moment.
  3. I've been thinking about buying the DY ring in the first picture for a long time, before this thread too, I'm just not sure whether to buy it in the color in your picture or the more reddish color.
  4. There's only one ring that I rarely take off. It's made by a family acquaintance's husband. He's really talented and the ring wasn't expensive

  5. I have the small citrine DY ring like Melissa06 mentioned about. I absolutely LOVE it - was a gift from my bf for my birthday last year. Its definitely my favorite ring and the color is so beautiful and versatile.