Favorite Online Boutiques?


Sep 1, 2015
After experimenting with a few online brands I was happy to find one with a beautiful selection of classy boutique heels and dresses which has become one of my new favorite places to shop. I ordered a pair of heels from AVHEELS about two months ago and my feet have felt amazing. I can tell that the shoes themselves are very well made, and can be compared to my Sergio Rossi heels without any bubbles or imperfections on the patent leather or on the soft leather insoles. My latest pair from them were the beautiful 4 inch Ombre heels and now that im looking to expand for spring I just ordered a pair of pink pointed toe heels from them as well. I mean for 149$ you really cant beat it...or maybe Im just addicted.

Either way im happy that I finally found a place to shop where I dont have to worry about the condition my shoes will come in, or be disappointed when they finally do like so many times before. I was very pleased with the service for checking the right size for me with a quickly and highly recommend checking them out to all of my friends. So how about you guys? Any special finds or favorite boutiques online you like to shop?



Aug 19, 2015
I'm an Angelina fan as well, I like their designs and mostly the price. I've had a chance to buy a few pairs from them, but the sizes usually run out quickly! Can't wait to see what they will have for spring/summer. As far as other boutiques I like Nine west and Casadei but haven't had the money to splurge too much lately :sad: