Favorite gift you're giving this year?

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  1. I got my husband an XBox 360... he has NO IDEA! I can't wait to surprise him. He's so good at figuring out gifts but I know he has no clue about this one. :supacool: I got him some games for it too.
  2. I bought my mom a JetBlue gift card so she can go visit my sister who won't be able to fly in for the holidays. And got each of my twins a laptop.
  3. All my daughter's gifts for X'mas, it's her first so this is a special one for me and my DH.
  4. i got one of my roommates the cookbook from her favorite local restaurant because we're both so excited about getting an apartment with a REAL kitchen next year.

    you don't realize how important a stove is and how much you like to cook until you don't have one and you can't.
  5. I'm giving my mom a pair of Chanel sunglasses that she saw at Neimans that she absolutely loved, but didn't buy because my mom doesn't really spend too much money on herself. She went back a week later and they were sold out and I know she was pretty bummed. Neimans tracked down another pair and sent it to me - I can't wait to see the look on her face.
  6. The BF and I bought my family a Plasma TV.
  7. My friend is an artist (amazing with faces) and I gave her a picture of me and my brothers and sisters and she did a charcoal drawing of us to give to my parents- we got it framed and everything. I am so excited to give it to my parents because it is really a different gift that I think they will love!
  8. I am giving my boyfriend a time tank watch for Christmas. OAKLEY - TIME TANK
    He is really into watches. I work for Oakley so I get a very nice discount on this watch. It retails for $1195 but I got it for a little under $300. We only get a limited stock in the employee store though and they always run out quick, so I thought it was going to be especially impossible to get him one for Christmas. Well I got an email that 50 were available yesterday and ran my butt down to the employee store and got one. He is expecting just a Christmas card with an “I owe you a time tank,” but now he is really getting one and has no idea! I still will give him a card first with a picture of the watch and an "I owe you" and then I will pull out his real one.
  9. Gucci bag for my mom and Tokidoki iSkin for one of my bestfriends ;)
  10. I stumbled upon a great gold bracelet on "Black Friday" and of course, it had a great price! I bought three of them - tomorrow I will give them to my best friends at lunch - one for Kash, one for Krystal and one for me!! I'm so excited, they are gorgeous little delicate bracelets!
  11. I bought my sister 2 MJ bags. She would never spend the money on herself. One is a pink Mark Jacobs and the other is a brown MJ by Marc Jacobs. She is going to be thrilled when she opens TWO handbags this Christmas!
  12. My sister's car was recently broken into and all of her CDs were stolen - now she literally has about 5 CDs total. She's been so sad about the whole ordeal, so I went a bought her a LOAD of CDs for Christmas to cheer her up.
  13. Bought my brother a video game that's been sold out everywhere... Guitar Hero2 full set
  14. I bought my Husband a olive green cashmere blazer by ETRO & a Piaget Mechanical watch :heart: :love:

  15. That is such a great gift! A similar thing happened to me. All my favorite CDs were gone.... Most have still not been replaced....