Favorite Fall Ads

  1. I love the September mags, when designers introduce all their new advertising campaigns- anyone have any faves so far?

    Mine are-

    Louis Vuitton with Scarlett Johansson - she's amazing- she'd look fabulous in just about anything.

    Miu Miu with Latitia Costa

    Lord & Taylor- I was totally surprised by this- beautiful ads, with Carolyn Murphy, who I've always loved- very different than what they've done in the past- anyone else seen these yet?

    Other favorites?
  2. OMG I was just about to start a thread on this exact same topic!!!
    Here's mine. I haven't been able to find it in stores yet.
  3. I love the Louis Vuitton ads with Johansson-she's so pretty! I also like the D&G ads.
  4. More...


    Miu Miu

    Marc Jacobs
  5. Chloe (w/ Freja, Shalom, Anja.. I love all Chloe ads though)
    Prada w/ Sasha

    .. I don't see what's so good about Marc Jacobs this season.. I liked every other ad, including Dakota Fanning's! more than this season's miniscule-model ones.
  6. I find the backrops in the Marc Jacobs ads to be visually stimulating. Very interesting mixtures of textures, and colors and shapes. I find them romantic in a dark, scary fairytale kind of way.
  7. I agree, Marclovesjacob- can't stand the tiny ads- and I've loved his campaigns in the past!
  8. Definitely the Chloe ad: