Favorite color to wear with jeans

  1. I dress very casually 95% of the time. What is your favorite color of Balenciaga bag that you think looks great with jeans? Thanks for any recommendations. Peggy
  2. I dress VERY casual myself and I have sky blue, chocolate, and blueberry. I really think most any color would work well though since the bags are more casual in general. I honestly can't think of a color that would look bad with jeans!! (Not much help, huh??!)
  3. I'm a jeans girl, too and I love my cornflower first and the rouge vif the best with it but I actually wear all my Bbags with jeans. Ink is great because you can dress it up and down with jeans. I think that all bbag colours go great with jeans because of the style of the bag.
  4. im always causal! hehehehe! i mainly wear my cornflower or black b-bag
  5. I love carrying my magenta first because it *pops*. But theres something about the black city that is just so cool.. I love it with jeans and flats. :biggrin:
  6. Greige goes so well with washed denim! =)
  7. black or rouge vif!
  8. Teal!
  9. Rouge vif! And a big white shirt!!!
  10. Sky blue, because it's the only one I have. ;)
  11. Black, reds and blues all seem to work really well with denim.
  12. Definitly rouge theatre
  13. personally i think all blues looks great with jeans... also black, white would too... origan (greeny olive color)...
  14. I love my black city with jeans. Also look great with the reds like grenat and rouge vif.
  15. Greige, rouge and black. :yes: