Favorite bags w/out top zipper that cost under $300

  1. I prefer my bags not to have zipper openings b/c I always snag my nails on them.....so, tell me some of your faves! I like lots of styles and colors
  2. How about Tano Sexbomb?
  3. I got a Linea Pelle Dylan tote on sale from Saks Off 5th for less than $100 and it's now my daily favorite.
  4. I co-own a handbag boutique in Seattle. We have lots of clients who are looking for openings without zips. Without knowing your other specifications - size, color, type of leather, price, etc., here are some of my favorites:

    Foley+Corinna City Tote
    Rebecca Minkoff Nikki
    Morgan Oakley Ditch
    Jane August Kings Road
    Kooba Elisha
    Kooba Natasha

    Well, that's a start. There are tons of great bags out there without zip openings. Hope this helps!
  5. lovin the tano sex bomb and boogie

    off to check out the list clutch12...thanks!
  6. ok these are super cute:

    Morgan Oakley Ditch
    Jane August Kings Road
    Kooba Elisha

    but I think I'll have to wait for a sale, esp on the Jane August one! lol
  7. Yeah, whoops on the price of the Jane August! Sorry about that. Should have paid attention to your title! I really like the Morgan Oakley. I can't remember the retail price, but I think you should be able to find a baby ditch for under 300 somewhere.

    Love the Tanos too. I've never seen them IRL. Need to check them out.