Faulty Mullberry Somerset bat

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  1. Are Mullberry bags prone to faults?
  2. I'm relatively new to Mulberry, though my collection is growing rapidly!

    I'm not sure if they are prone to faults but I think of all the Mulberry customers, there is a small percentage here on TPF, and those here tend to be huge Mulberry fans with a collection, be it small or large. So, in terms of probability, you will hear of faults here.

    What I have also heard is generally how responsive Mulberry customer services are when there are problems - ok, there may be the odd occasion when a Mulberry employee lets the side down, but generally the stories I've heard have been great.

    Knowing this, I happily buy Mulberry knowing that if there are any problems, they will look after me :smile: This may sound quite naive of me or looking at things with rose-tinted glasses but for me, it is that simple :biggrin:
  3. Hi bigjkh,

    Welcome to the forum. Mulberry are no more prone to faults than any other luxe brand....all of which have their issues. :smile:
  4. It's pot luck like anything but its important that you check the bag in person before you buy so you are 100%.
  5. Have you got a problem with a bag you have purchased?
  6. Yes I do have a problem with my Mulberry Somerset, the inking is coming away at the opening of the bag.

    Thanx for getting back

  7. Ondrea, Moo

    I have taken the bag to Mulberry and they are going to fix it, however; they said that it is not a big deal to fix, although I would have thought such an expensive item should not have such faults.


  8. :smile:
  9. Thanks Cupcake!!!
  10. Hi bigjkh - just found this - a big welcome to Mulberry......so sorry you have had a problem with your Somerset, but relieved it will be sorted soon!

    No, of course, these things ideally shouldn't happen, but unfortunately they do - it is just the luck of the draw really, and something that can happen with any handmade/handcrafted item - even if they are high end/luxe, and, as Moo says, it is not just exclusive to this brand........but, I suppose, this being a Mulberry sub-forum, any faults we have with our bags are highlighted and concentrated all the more......that said, overall, issues like these are relatively few and far between.....:smile:
  11. Over a period of about 18 years i've never had a problem with any of the Mulberry bags i have, i'd think problems were few and far between and hastily resolved if there were any.