Faulty checkout with channel advisor and Paypal sends payment from checking account!

  1. I was on a shopping mood the other night this really put a damp on my spirits, was about click BIN to buy a Chanel bag from very good seller when this happened during another (earlier)transaction.

    This is for both buyers and sellers who use channeladvisor checkout in combo with Paypal. There appears to be a bug with checkout and you need to be aware of this problem! I have already reported the problem to both since this happened late Sunday eve and have yet to receive a response back.

    Basically this is what happened. Over the weekend I won two items from an eBay seller who does checkout via channel advisor. Done this before many times without a problem ever - at least several dozen transactions before this one. When you use channel advisor checkout it summarizes your order, allowing you to combine items to save on shipping. Buyers also select the address to ship to (in my case I have two addresses to choose from, both correct, verified and confirmed) and all of that is fine up to the point you reach Paypal to send payment.

    So I moved thru the steps, selected "pay by Paypal" which tranfered me to the Paypal website. This is where the problem comes up. I am reviewing the order making sure the information is correct: amount to pay, who's receiving the money, my info, address to ship to, etc. I notice that my address is wrong, even though I had picked the correct address from the two I have during the previous steps (both eBay and the channeladvisor checkout steps). OK so no problem, I notice that and it should not be a big deal to select the one I want to use. I clicked to select the address from the DROP DOWN menu.

    WELLL.... at the point where it is SUPPPOSED TO choose one address vs the other, it does not do that. Instead this sent the payment right away from the checking account not allowing me to correct the address, nor confirm the payment, nor change the funding source. Basically by clicking on the drop down menu it sent the money from my bank account without confirming anything and sent the order to the seller with the incorrect mailing address.

    Neither the items nor the amount for me were an issue ($360.00 for home bedding) for me. But what IF I wanted to make sure I used a credit card to protect this transaction, which by the way, I 100% do all the time just to have a little extra coverage? I never had that option because by me clicking on something else on the page this action alone sent the money directly out of my checking account when all I was trying to do was choose the correct address! What if I was at my vacation home and not my house (both addy are confimed, so the seller is protected but I would not get the item cause nobody is home)? What if I had needed the money in the bank for other payments or had pending checks? I can assure you many people must have had this problem over the weekend and you as a seller may be getting notices now that some of these payments are being reversed, denied or cancelled from the banking institution.

    Still wanting the Chanel bag, but not buying anything until I hear back that this was corrected!
  2. This sounds very fishy. I never like Paypal since I start using their service. Whether it's a bug or not, this thing shouldn't happen. I'm suspicious that they intentionally did this. They're in the business of trying to get money straight out of your checking account.

    You should read my thread on "Has anyone used Google Checkout?.." I complained about their misleading and kinda shady practice.
  3. Hello mmmpurses!

    I am with ChannelAdvisor and wanted to see if I can help figuring out what went wrong (and see if we can avoid it altogether in the future).

    It appears that you encountered the problem at PayPal when paying the seller for the 2 purses. If you don't mind, can you share with me the name of the ChannelAdvisor seller you've purchased from, date and email address you used for the purchase (you can also private-message or email me if that makes more sense -- email address is below)?

    We have pretty good contacts at PayPal and should be able to pull them in as well to step through the process to figure out where it broke.


  4. You Know what, I had a similiar incident on the weekend. I went to pay for an item won on eBay. I checked everything and it tells me that the funds would be coming out of the Credit card. Well, when payment was complete it shows instant transferred from Checking. I called Paypal to see what happened because I did not want to pay with my checking. Well, the CS told me that the system is set up to automatically transfer funds for Checking/Saving (if you have it stored) and Credit Card is the back-up incase there is no funds from the Checking/Saving. Well, I told them that I wanted payment to come out from my Credit Card, they refused to do it and told me that I should make sure that I go to the other payment options and make sure that it is not clicked on Checking/Saving before I submit payment, even if it reads something else. I was lucky to have seller issue a refund so I could re-do payment. But Now Paypal is holding my refund :wtf:. I am not sure if this is the case for everyone, but that's what happened to me.
  5. I had this happen to me a while ago with a purchase from Adasa. I paid via paypal. I swear it had my correct address when I paid. When I got the confirmation, it had one of my older (no longer valid) addresses. Luckily I cought it and emailed adasa and they corrected it.. but scary if I hadn't checked!
  6. That happened to me with a purchase via (for some reason I could not put in the name of the deal site) from ebags. They had a promotion - special using PayPal (cyber Monday). Went throught the whole order and it did not let me pay with a credit card. I have to use my checking account.